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Day 251

Exif Data: Nikon D3200 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 42 mm, ISO 100; f/5,3 ; 1/60 s

Today after classes I went to the bird observatory in the university and saw lots of small and nice birds, but it was still very early; a while later my cousin called me asking if I was done with my classes and I thought about going to pick him up and go back to the university, so that he could see the birds that I saw and take him to the botanical garden, he loves nature.

We went there, the botanical garden of the university is more like a jungle, but it’s a nice place to walk, relax and take photos.

 We had a walk that lasted about 2 hours and got to see a lot, big and small birds, nice butterflies, even 2 snakes, I was really surprised because I had never seen a snake in the botanical garden, but my first encounter with the snake wasn’t really nice; I was walking and felt like step on something that was moving, therefore I moved and looked at the ground to see what it was, then I saw the snake running towards the trees and I walked away quickly.

Aside that scary part, our morning was very productive and enjoyable.

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Hoy después de clases fui al observatorio de aves de la universidad y pude ver muchísimas aves de diferentes especies, cuando iba saliendo, me llamó mi primo y me preguntó si ya había salido de clases; como a él le gusta tanto la naturaleza y los animales, pensé recogerlo en la casa y llevarlo al jardín botánico de la universidad, y así lo hice.

El jardín de la universidad es más bien una especie de selva pero es perfecto  para ir a caminar, relajarse y tomar algunas fotos; caminamos casi dos horas y alcanzamos a ver mucho, pájaros, mariposas, flores e incluso culebras, lo que me sorprendió porque en todas las veces que he estado allá, es la primera vez que encuentro un animal de estos.

A pesar del encuentro no muy agradable con la culebra, la mañana con mi primito fue productiva y relajante.

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