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Day 167

Second day of work; I went back to the school to take some new photos, we had a blue sky today and it helped a lot to get better photos of the spaces in the school, last friday the sky was white and that made the photos look a bit dramatic and boring; now I am satisfied with those shots because the school looks vivid and colorful as it is almost every day.

I also had to go up to the top of a hill to make a panorama of the school, and today’s photo is what I saw from the hill, I think that what you see from this place is awesome.

I got an award from Googsy’s Photography, the sunshine award – Thanks for that, I really appreciate it! -; the rules of accepting “The Sunshine Award”  are answering the following questions and pass the award to some other bloggers.

What is your favorite color? : I Don’t have a favorite one, I like almost all of them.

Favorite Animal? : Birds.

Favorite Number? : 5.

Favorite Non-Alcholic Drink? : Juices, Lulo juice –day 159– is amazing.

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? : Facebook.

My Passion? : Photography, Traveling, Reading, Writing.

Prefer Getting Or Giving Gifts? : Both.

Favorite Day Of The Week? : Friday.

Favorite Flowers? : Bird of paradise.

And now, “The sunshine award” goes to:

Dxpixel365, Lemony shots, Cfbookchick, Jeremy, Cornel.

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 18 mm, ISO 200; f/9; 1/320 s.

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Segundo día en el que trabajo; volví al colegio a tomar nuevas fotos, hoy el cielo estaba despejado y eso ayudó mucho a que las fotos de los espacios fueran más vivas, el viernes pasado el cielo estaba completamente blanco y eoso le daba un toque de drama a las fotos, pero esa no era la intención.

Después, para ahcer una panorámica del colegio tuve que subir a una colina; y allá encontré la foto de hoy, el paisaje que se ve desde el lugar es espectacular y muy típoco de la región.

Datos de la foto: Nikon D5000 ; Lens: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 18 mm, ISO 200; f/9; 1/320 s.

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