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Day 115

Hi Everybody!

Yesterday I wasn’t able to post anything because I was away, I went to my uncle’s house with some friends for the weekend, it was fun and relaxing; we were walking in the mountains for hours, swimming in the river, looking for different animals, we actually saw so many birds but they were flying from one to another branch, so it wasn’t easy to capture them.

When we were about to arrive to my uncle’s house, we saw the blue-crowned motmot, yes, the bird that I tried to find for long time and I found a couple of weeks ago; he wasn’t far away from us, but I wanted to be closer, so I trespassed a fence and started getting closer, he didn’t seem scared at all, I was very close to it, I think about 50 cm away from him, taking some photos, and he didn’t move at all; I think I could have got closer, but I was kind of afraid that somebody would get angry at me for being in private property, so I left the place and as soon as I did, the bird flew away.

It was very nice to see him so close; also in this picture you can see more the details on his face, the old shot in day 106 -where you can find information about the bird- has got a good focus but the bird wasn’t as close as in this one.

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; lens: Tamron AF 55-200; 180 mm, ISO 1400;  f/5 ; 1/500 sec.

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Hola a todos!
Ayer no pude poner ninguna foto porque estuve lejos de la ciudad, de la tecnología, pero no de mi cámara. Fui a la casa de mi tio con unos amigos a pasar el fin de semana, fue muy relajante y divertido, estuvimos caminando por las montañas, nadando en un rio, buscando diferentes animales y vimos muchos pájaros, aunque volaban de una rama a otra muy rápido y era muy dificil capturarlos en fotos.

Antes de llegar a la casa de mi tio, vimos el barranquero, si, ese pájaro que tanto busqué y encontré hace unas semanas.

No estaba muy lejos, pero yo quería acercarme más, así que decidí cruzar una cerca de alambres y acercarme lo que más pudiera; llegué a estar muy cerca, calculo que a unos 50 centímetros del pájaro, y el no se veia asustado en lo absoluto, no se movía pero algunas veces me miraba; creo que hubiera podido acercarme más pero me asustaba que alguien saliera y se molestara por verme en propiedad privada, así que me fui, y apenas pasé la cerca, el pájaro voló hacia un árbol.

fue muy chévere estar tan cerca de él; además aca pueden ver muy bien los detalles en su cara, la foto que tengo del día 106 -donde pueden encontrar información del pájaro- está enfocada, pero el barranquero no se ve tan cerca como aca.

Datos de la toma: Nikon D5000 ; lente: Tamron AF 55-200; 180 mm, ISO 1400;  f/5 ; 1/500 sec.

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Day 106

Hi Everybody!

I finally found the bird that I had been looking for!

I saw it yesterday in the botanical garden, but the light was terrible, so I only captured silhouettes and not all of them were well focused; but today I decided to give it a try again, went back for a couple of minutes, saw only one bird and shot 2 times, afterwards he flew away. But today’s photos came out much better than yesterday’s.

This bird is known as blue crowned motmot; it has a large head, and some tail feathers that distinguish them from other birds. The center tail feathers, which twitch like the pendulum of a clock when the motmot is perched, have bare spines at the tip. It is about 38–48 cm (15-19 in) long.

They have red eyes, a turquoise crown and black face, and their plumage is green and blue; they are found from Mexico to Argentina, specially in rainy forests although they can also live in shaded coffee farms.

Males and females share parental responsibility, they live near water streams so that they can find easily a place to drink and bath.

Despite their size, these birds can be very hard to find because they sit still for hours, I’ve experienced that already.

They eat small things such as crickets, earth worms and lizards, but they also eat fruits.

Before I finish this post, I would like to thank to my fellow-photographer Cindy-cfbookchick-, who has given me an award for my blog.

In order to keep this award, I have to share something about myself and then, pass it to another photographers, so here I go:
I’m an industrial engineering student, I really like and enjoy studying it; I remember that I always said: “I’m never gonna become an engineer” because I was kind of afraid; truth be told  my dream was to become a psychiatrist, but then I found out that if you wanna do so, you have to study medicine first and I’m not a good candidate for medicine.Some years ago I didn’t like nature, I wasn’t the adventurous guy that I’ve become; now I enjoy being in the nature, going to hike, swimming in water streams; and I love animals specially birds, I really enjoy taking photos of them, looking at their details and playing with them if they are not aggressive.Some day, I would like to write a book; not sure yet about what, but probably about the story of my great-grand parents, they are from Syria and came to Colombia long time ago, there are so many fun and interesting things to be written.
I used to be extremely shy, not anymore, but still I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t talk a lot in the beginning; I need to get to know more  the people before I can’t stop talking; and I agree with Jennifer: my photos will tell you more about me than my words.
And now I am gonna pass the award to some deserving bloggers:
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You guys don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to; I just had the time to write some more about me and show what blogs I follow the most.Exif Data:Nikon D5000 ; lens: Tamron AF 55-200; 200 mm, ISO 200;  f/5,6 ; 1/80 sec.

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Hola a todos!

Al fin encontré el pájaro que tanto he buscado!
En verdad, lo vi ayer en el jardín botánico, pero la luz era pésima en el lugar donde lo encontré, así que sólo pude capturar unas siluetas y no todas estaban bien enfocadas.
Hoy decidí intentarlo otra vez, volví al jardín con una amiga, y aunque sólo nos dieron unos minutos porque estaban a punto de cerrar, entramos corriendo y lo encontramos, alcancé a tomar sólo dos fotos y luego voló; las fotos salieron mucho mejores que las de ayer.
El pájaro conocido como barranquero, pájaro bobo, barranquillo o guardabarrancos azul, tienen una larga cabeza y cola que los distingue de otras aves; su cola se mueve como un péndulo, de un lado a otro cuando se posan sobre alguna rama, y tiene dos vértebras al final; mide entre 38 y 48 centímetros.

Tienen ojos rojos, una corona color turquesa, cara negra y su plumaje es verde y azul; se encuentran desde México hasta Argentina, especialmente en las selvas; pero también viven en fincas cafeteras donde no se expongan mucho al sol.

El macho y la hembra comparten las responsabilidades de padres, y eligen vivir cerca de corrientes de agua para poder beber y bañarse.

A pesar de su gran tamaño, es muy dificil encontrarlos, pues se pueden posar en un árbol totalmente quietos por periodos de tiempo muy largos, ya lo he vivido muchas veces ;).

Se alimentan de insectos pequeños como grillos y lombrices, reptiles como lagartijas y también comen frutas.

Datos de la toma: Nikon D5000 ; lente: Tamron AF 55-200; 200 mm, ISO 200;  f/5,6 ; 1/80 sec.

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