20 comments on “My first studio photoshoot.

  1. Excelente Pablo, te felicito, he visto muchas de tus fotografías y me han parecido hermosas……como vas de adelante en tu carrera …Nuevamente felicitaciones y ya sabes que siempre te recordamos……..

  2. Hi Pablo!
    So good to know you are still out there, making art with your camera. And these are very artful photos. I particularly like the movement in the first one, but I thought the close-ups were really good too. I hope that you are well.

  3. I like the middle ones best. The first and last don’t appeal to me as much. I would like the last one better if you cropped it at her waist creating a tighter frame that would bring her into it and emphasize her upper body/face. Her pose in the first one seems a bit unnatural to me. I like the simple backgrounds and the use of light. Great beginning, I think. Your model is gorgeous so that helps! 🙂 It’s wonderful to see you here and to learn that you have taken up portrait photography!

  4. Hola Pablo – Tu amiga es una modela bonita. Disparar una nicephoto. Las fotos salieron muy bien – especialmente el del close-up de los ojos – fascinante!

  5. Sabes que me hacia falta entrara a esta pagina y encontrar esas maravillosas sorpresas!!! Gracias Pablis!!!

  6. Nada que criticar, mi querido Pablo, porque has hecho un trabajo extraordinario. Un abrazo y enhorabuena.

  7. Hey, Pablo! So great to see you here. I really like the two close up shots. Those are the strongest of the batch in terms of composition. The lighting in the 4th image is outstanding.

  8. You did a magnificent job Pablo – thanks for sharing your results! You were smart to stay within perimiters of things you know and love!

  9. Hi Pablo,
    Denzil Jennings told me about your blog and Flickr, so here I am checking your photos😉
    Great work!

    I could relate to this post, as I just did a portrait course last weekend, it was also very focused on the lighting and studio work. I really enjoyed it, however just like you said I found very challenging the communication with the models. In my case, my models were my colleagues from the course and I had to model for them too, which was a great experience. Be on the other side of the camera for once helped me understand what to expect from the photographer, so now I have a better idea of what to say to the person I’m photographing. Maybe you could be a model for one day and see if it helps you as well!

    See you around the blogosphere!🙂

    • HI Ines, thank you so much for following me.

      I thikn being the one on front of the camera, as you said, could actually be a really good help and would probably make me understand what the photographers expect; great idea, I’ll try it once.

      The course is already over, but I’ll try to keep working in portraiture a bit in order to get better, I think portraiture is far away from my comfort zone, that’s why it’s really interesting to me.

      Hopefuly soon I’ll post some pictures I did for my final work in the course.

      Keep in touch.

      Hope you are doing well.

  10. he visto el contenido de la pagina y he quedado realmente asombrado, aprovecho este comentario primero para felicitarte por tu excelente trabajo y segundo para consultarte algo sobre lo cual estoy seguro eres de los mejores. El motivo de mi consulta es el siguiente……. he estado pensando en comprar una cámara para hacer algo de fotografía por hobby tengo en mi lista de opciones las NIKON D3200 y la NIKON D5100 desea que por favor me colaboraras en la elección ya que no he efectuado la compra debido a que me apasiona la fotografía macro y como bien sabes la 5100 tiene menor cantidad de megapixeles la pregunta eso afecta en en este tipo de tomas?….Te agradecería enormemente que me colaboraras en la seleccion y por favor ten en cuenta lo de las macro😉 Mil Gracias

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