Taganga: My first big trip of the year


On the 17th of January a group of good friends and I met in the airport because our first big trip of the year was about to get started.

A couple of months ago we booked the tickets to Santa Marta, a beautiful and nice city in the Colombian coast; but that wasn’t our final destination; from Santa Marta’s airport we took a cab that took us to the town we were going to stay at for one week,  Taganga.

Taganga, also called “Sal si puedes” –which means “Leave if you can”. –  is a picturesque and small fishing village located 15 minutes away from the center of Santa Marta. The village is surrounded by desert mountains covered in natural flora, such as cactus vegetation and shrubs. It’s known as a nice diving destination where many types of fish and corals can be reached by short walks and snorkeling out to corals. We snorkeled several times and I so regretted not having a water camera to capture all the underwater landscape that I got to see there, it really was amazing and very colorful.

The main beach is shared with the harbor. It’s small and half of it has fishing boats, some of them are decorated in a very particular way, some others not; but still it’s a nice beach to swim and to contemplate the stunning sunsets that can be seen in the coast. There are more beaches in Taganga but to get there we had to walk through a path in the mountains that surround the town, the vista from there is quite stunning.

All in all we had an amazing week there; we left Taganga on the 24th of January. I shot so many photos and I wanted to share some of them with you all; I’ll be uploading more to my flickr in the next days.













Feel free to leave feedback, critiques or suggestions.

Hope you all are doing great and having a great 2013.


El 17 de enero un grupo de amigos y yo nos encontramos en el aeropuerto a eso de las 9 de la mañana, para darle inicio al primer viaje grande del año.

Hace unos meses compramos unos tiquetes hacia Santa Marta, una ciudad grande y muy bonita en la costa.

Santa Marta no era nuestro punto de llegada; desde su aeropuerto tomamos un taxi que nos llevó al lugar donde ibamos a estar toda una semana; Taganga.

Taganga es una pintoresca villa de Pescadores conocida también como “Sal si puedes”, está ubicada a uso 15 minutos del centro de Santa Marta; está rodeada de montañas desérticas con vegetación natural como cactus y diferentes tipos de arbustos. Es conocida como un excelente lugar para bucear porque el agua es clara, y muchos tipos de peces y corales pueden ser vistos con gran facilidad; nosotros fuimos a “caretear” muchas veces, la cantidad de especies de peces es impresionante, tanto que me arrepentí mucho de no haber tenido una cámara de agua para poder captar todo ese paisaje tan colorido que se ve debajo del agua.

La playa principal se comparte con el Puerto, es pequeña y la mitad está llena de botes pesqueros, algunos con una decoración muy particular, otros más sencillos; pero aun así es un buen lugar para nadar y para ver los famosos atardeceres de la costa.

En Taganga hay más playas, pero para llegar a ellas hay que tomar un camino en las montañas, la vista que tiene es espectacular, pues se puede apreciar el pueblo en su totalidad y un mar con un color perfecto.

Tuvimos una excelente semana, llena de buenos momentos y muchas risas; alla tomé muchas fotos y quería compartir algunas con ustedes; en los próximos dias voy a estar subiendo más a flickr, así que estén pendientes.

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.



49 thoughts on “Taganga: My first big trip of the year

  1. Silly me, I found the English text. I love the golden toned ones. They remind me of the old analogue photographs of the fifties. These are just stunning, Pablo. I am looking forward to more too.

  2. First of all, I am so glad to hear you again. And seems that you had a wonderful time, your photographs so beautiful. Their compositions, colours, light and shadows, closer views, fascinated me all of them. Great set. Thank you dear Pablo, love, nia

    1. Thank you Nia!
      It was a fascinating trip and I found so many nice things to take photos of.
      I’ll catch up on you blog very soon, I’ve kept the wordpress notifications from your blog in my email, I just didn’t have much free time but I’ll visit your blog very soon.
      Hope you are well.

    1. Thank you Denzil!
      Shooting photos there this time was amazing; I went there like 7 months ago while I was doing the 365 project, and that time it wasn’t as magical as this one, probably because I stayed there for only 2 days.

  3. Cuando utilizo la palabra Exagerado no acostumbro que sea en un buen sentido, en mas siempre lo hago en modo de queja, reproche … “No seas Exagerado/a” “Deja de Exagerar…”
    Pero esta vez, por primera vez dejame decirte que no solo admiro todo tu trabajo, sino que tambien creo que tenes un talento Exagerado, porque es tan grande lo que haces que realmente cada foto tuya tiene un gran sentimiento, se nota la pasion, la dedicacion. Un abrazo Compañero. Aca, en Argentina, tenes una admiradora!

  4. No veo ninguna que no me guste :D. Pablo, captas buenissimas tomas … se ven los pasajes, animales, alegria, colores … mis favoritas son no.10 y 18 – te deseo que consigues una camera para agua tambien ;). Saludos, Paula

  5. Absolutely stunning…paradise for sure! I can see why one wouldn’t want to leave. So well photographed! Feel like I’ve had a mini vacation…now, back to the 15 inches of snow that we have!

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