30 comments on “Bike trip to La Florida

  1. Hello, Pablo! I’m happy to see you again here! I haven’t posted much either in the last several months. I loved the story of your bike adventure. The photographs are wonderful too. I’m sure you had fun. Do return for photographs of the interesting house! And, visit your aunt and her parrot soon. I’m still waiting for the story of your grandfather! 🙂 Are you in class now?

    • Hi George!
      I’m really glad to be back; and I miss your posts too, I really miss She Kept a Parrot🙂.
      For sure I’ll return there, and I’ll let you know how his house is in the inside, I’m really sure is a place that you would love.
      About the story of my family in Syria, I’ll write about it soon, I’m still finding different details and short stories I didn’t know about, I would love to write a book about it some day but I just don’t have enough time now, we will see what the future brings.

      I should vitis my aun, she is in fact my grandma’s cousin, I call her aun and I don’t know why, but anyways, I should go there and visit to snap some photos of the parrot; is just that I didn’t have enough time and also the place isn’t really close to where I live, but hopefully I’ll be doing it in the next months🙂

      Hope you are doing great.
      Looking forward to read She Kept a Parrot🙂

  2. Pablo, feliz año 2013 y gracias por volver con nuevas fotografías. Felicitaciones por el reconocimiento a mejor foto en facebook.

  3. Hey! Que buena historia! Muy buen comienzo de año, el lugar se percibe mágico y con tus fotos captaste la bonita esencia de los paisajes, muy de nuestra región cafetera, amo estas cosas de nuestro País!
    Y felicitaciones por el concurso. A donde piensas viajar?

  4. He disfrutado mucho leyendo tu primera publicación del 2013, es una combinación de fotografía, arte para escribir, turismo y mucho contacto con la Madre Tierra… Y la grata sorpresa de descubrir en tus fotografías a Daniel Toro… Saludos…
    Animo, sigue compartiendo de este modo tu mundo vital que genera mucha vida en lo que te seguimos… Feliz Año nuevo… Dios te Acompañe.

  5. Pablo! So great to see you! Such a fantastic post with such stunning photographs. I’m always impressed with the variety of your shots, which speaks so much to your skill. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us!

    • Thank you very much Melanie!!
      I missed blogging and I missed seeing your blog while I was busy and had no time to even check my email, but I’m finally back and hope to post and check your photos more often🙂

  6. As usual, your photos are beautifully composed and you share the information to take us there with you. I’ve missed your postings. You make your world seem so magical.. I hope you continue to share throughout the year.. HUGS Pix

  7. Wonderful to see the Adventures of the Magnificent Seven LoL the scenery is wonderful but I worry about you riding on the wrong side of the road (From an Aussie viewpoint) LoL

  8. Me encantaría ver cómo Una entrada de blog maravilloso para comenzar el 2013!
    ¡Qué bonito patio de naturaleza tiene tu tío arededor de su casa! Me encantaría ver cómo Me encantaría ver cómo tiene su casa por dentro!
    Saludos y Abrazos

  9. So glad to see a post from you! Especially love the first picture with the entire road open ahead and framed by your handlebars. Your narrative was interesting and of course the photos great illustrations. Fun to hear of the heat when we are experiencing a “heat wave” in our winter at 40 degrees F which will unfortunately drop to 10 degrees below zero in the next days. Looking forward to more posts.

  10. I have no idea why I saw your post only today!
    You had a great trip.
    You have there a beautiful wheather, here we have an awful one(coold, misty, snow, rain, ice and so on)…

    Looking forward for your next post. I hope this will be soon.

  11. Glad to have you back blogging, and sorry that I only just found you again (don’t know why I didn’t get notified!?). Beautiful images and lovely text, as usual. I love hearing about your beautiful country and your antics. Keep it up please. x

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