25 comments on “Nevado del Ruiz

  1. Pablo, it’s beautiful. I love the photo with the green mountains in the foreground. It is a fantastic sight. I cannot imagine being able to see such a juxtaposition in real life. Happy to see you here! 🙂

  2. Hola Pablo. Me alegro de verte de nuevo. Gracias por compartir este pedazo de la naturaleza. Es algo como algo tan hermoso puede ser tan peligroso y fatal.
    Saludos –

  3. Nice shot, Pablo. Rule of thirds in full effect here as well. Good stuff.
    Welcome back. Was wondering where you’ve been.


    • Thank you Chris!
      Right after I finished my 365 project, I decided to take some time off and rest a bit, but now I’m starting to shoot pictures again.
      Hopefuly I’ll be posting often🙂
      Hope you are great!

  4. I have never seen a volcano in person. I think it would be quite amazing. I like the smoke coming out the top.

  5. Dear Pablo,
    It was a delight to find your post, and to know that you are blogging again. It will be much easier without that commitment to do so every day.

    Your photo is amazing! I didn’t know about this volcano. Such a sad story. In one of my old posts I tell the story of being caught in the ashfall of Mt. St. Helens. The power of that eruption was terrible and awesome, and there was a tragic loss of life. But less than 200 lives were lost, as compared to 25, 000. That is staggering.

    I am glad you came home safe and sound, and lived to tell the tale. I look forward to the next post!

  6. I like your photo but, to be honest, I wish I never see something like this.
    A bit of smoke looks nice but I hope it be just a bit of smoke and no eruption, no lava.
    The scenery is very beautiful.

  7. Wow, so impressive, isn’t it Pablo, when Earth does these unexpected things! Glad you’re back, missed you, but happy to know that you’ll give yourself the permission to just shoot when you’re so inspired! That feels so sane doesn’t it?🙂

  8. Me encanta esta toma, Pablo. Bellisima luz y composicion. Tambien me alegra saber que decidiste quedarte aqui y no se hace falta que sea diario claro ….🙂

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