21 comments on “Day 364

  1. Very interesting idea.
    I llike it !!

    I’m much more curious what you will do after last day. Will you start a new blog? will you use this one again for another year?🙂 Anyway, I would like to see your photos further.

  2. Fantastico Pablo! Creo que me voy a estar un poco vacío cuando terminas este proyecto mañana. He demostrado que eres un fotógrafo fantástico! Saludos de Dinamarca!

  3. Ah, the proof is in the pudding! What an absolutely charming self portrait! I love it. You are such a creative child, Pablo! Congratulations on finishing the project. You did a superb job, and all of us loved it! 🙂

  4. Si señor ahi te ves en las burbujas de esa achocolatada composicion, muy interesante ese flan Pabo Buitrago’s made. El colorido y la idea son excelentes, muy creativo de tu parte!!!

  5. Tus seguidores tienen razon… eres creativo, espero seguir viendo mas tomas fantasticas de ti. Algo me dice que tu escritura no se quedara atras tampoco😉

  6. Olive Oil and Vinegar and probably 2 things I couldn’t live with out…in terms of food of course… You are so creative, I love this idea

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