Day 350

Exif Data: Nikon D3200 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 35 mm, ISO 100; f/8; 1/250 s.

I’ve passed by this building thousand times in my life, there are different things that get reflected on it, but only lately I noticed how on one of its sides the city is reflected.

So, lately I’d been wanting to take this picture but I really don’t like walking in the street with my camera, and as there is a lot of traffic in this part of the city, stopping to shoot isn’t that easy, but today I gave it a try, and I was very lucky because there were no cars at that time, therefore I could stop and take different shots with both of my lenses.

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Por este edificio he pasado miles de veces y siempre noto los reflejos de árboles, del cielo y de alguna calle en él, pero iltimamente en uno de sus lados vi como se reflejaba parte de la ciudad.

Hace unos dias había querido tomar esta foto, pero no me gusta salir de la casa caminando con la cámara, y el lugar desde donde se puede tomar es un sitio en el que hay mucho tráfico, así que es dificil parar.

Hoy salí decidido a tomarla, y por fortuna, no venía ningún carro, así que pude parar y tomar varias fotos, incluso con los dos lentes.

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14 thoughts on “Day 350

  1. I’ve been noticing reflections lately also.. The skies have been beautiful for it..
    Can I be honest?? I went straight past your purpose of taking this photo (reflection) to trying to figure out what was on the third balcony from the top.. INTRIGUING!!
    I felt for sure it may have been a kissing couple – I was about to comment “way to go on timing Pablo” hehe..
    Beautiful photo all the same

  2. A mi me encantan estas imagenes, los relfejos te quedaron estupendos, algunas ventanas abiertas le dan un toque especial a la imagen, muy bien captada!!!

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