17 comments on “Day 308

  1. Me encanta como las ventanas dejan entrar el sol on su gracia de luz natural. Es como que nos da un abrazo en nuestra casa🙂

  2. You DO have a lot of light in your living area! That’s great for having plants. I am more of a softer, darker light person. I think our different preferences for light and dark depend on personality. This is a lovely and very light room where you get the feeling of bringing the out of doors inside. Nice photo too. I always like to be able to place a person in his element. We’ve seen your room and now your family’s living area. Thank you for the peek inside your world. Now, when I think of you, I can imagine where you are! 🙂

  3. beautiful shot of a beautiful space, you’ve captured shadow, light, its reflections well…the earth tones, the green work so well with the whites, gorgeous shot

  4. Que amplitud y que iluminacion mas especial, bella toma de interior, la pared del comedor aun no se había pintado de amarillo, valdria la pena hacer una igula con la pared amarilla!!!

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