20 comments on “Day 305

  1. Está muy chévere !! felicidades y buena suerte con estos últimos 60 dias de reto !!!!!
    Jorge Andrés

  2. May I ask what are you studying? Here, only students from Faculty of Medicine learn until July as far as I know. Almost all finish in June. But know is August and you still have one week more…

    • I’m studying industrial engineering, normally I have holidays from the middle of june til the begining of august, but we had a trouble last year and the universities went on strike, so many things happened and as we kept studying, we had to extend a bit the semester, but next year everything will be back to normal🙂

      • Sounds so hard to study industrial engineering but I hope you like it because when you do someting you like it then everything is ok .
        For some reasons I hate strikes because, after all teachers get what they want(sooner or later) but students have to pay for those lost days.
        I hope you’ll have a nice (even if it will be shorter) holiday.

  3. hi, i have a crossed your blog for i was searching for photos taken using 70-300 zoom lens, which i have for almost 3 months now and i haven’t used it properly.. i wanna use it on taking portraits but i really find it hard to focus the subject. i have d3100 which doesn’t have a built in motor… those photos you took using 70-300mm. are they taken with autofocus or manual focus? they’re really great. i want to learn how to use mine too so that i can make use of my Nikkor Zoom Lens 70-300mm with my d3100

  4. This is really cool! It’s simple yet striking! The interaction of the light from the lower two lights is really cool. I love how you creat amazing images from ordinary scenes and objects!

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