Day 302

Exif Data: Nikon D3200 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF Zoom 70-300; 300 mm, ISO 1250; f/5,6 ; 1/500 s.

Lately I’ve spent more time in the university than at home, but next week I’ll start enjoying some days off and I really can’t wait, I’m completely exhausted but really looking forward to have some days for doing nothing else that relaxing.

This is today’s shot, of course, taken in the university, where I’ve seen so many squirrels in the last days; here you go with some facts about them:

Squirrels may weight as little as 15 grams or as much as 8 kilos.

Some cities in the USA protect colonies of albino squirrels.

Squirrels have excellent peripheral vision.

Squirrels communicate with a vocal language.

Mother squirrels are sometimes cannibals

Ground squirrels never live in trees, but tree squirrels sometimes live underground.

There are over 300 kinds of squirrels.

A scientific study proved that squirrels like and enjoy goading dogs, and let themselves get chased for the adrenaline of rush.

Squirrels don’t float.

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Ultimamente he estado más tiempo en la universidad que en mi casa, pero la otra semana voy a salir a vacaciones y voy a poder descansar, no veo la hora de tener unos dias libres para hacer nada y sólo relajarme.

Esta es la foto de hoy, la tomé en la universidad donde los últimos dias he visto muchísimas ardillas. Aca van unos datos curiosos sobre ellas.

Hay más de 300 clases de ardillas.

Las ardillas pueden pesar desde 15 gramos hasta 8 kilos.

Algunas ciudades de Estados Unidos protegen colonias de ardillas albinas.

Las ardillas tienen excelente visión periférica.

Las madres ardillas pueden ser caníbales.

Las ardillas de tierra nunca viven en árboles, pero las ardillas de árboles viven a veces en la tierra

Un estudió demostró que las ardillas disfrutan molestar a los perros, y ser perseguidas por ellos, todo por la adrenalina.

Las ardillas no flotan.

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12 thoughts on “Day 302

  1. gorgeous shot, love that sunlight on his furry little tail, and why do squirrels not float? I f you ever visit Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. Canada you will have squirrels sitting on your lap, eating from your palm, looking into your backback or picnic lunch bag, hundreds and hundreds of them…

  2. Both Universities I attended had an abundant population of squirrels, but the first one had the tamest. A friend and I decided to climb a tree on campus one day to sketch from a different perspective. We had a squirrel with us the whole time that helped her eat her snack right out of her hand! Beautiful detail on this shot!

  3. You are amazing, how much I love them… This is great post and wonderful photograph, I wished to hold her and to have like cats… 🙂 Thank you dear Pablo, love, nia

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