16 comments on “Day 301

  1. You need patience and perseverance with pets.😀
    You’re right, the b&w background makes the cat stand out. For this reason, I choose the second one even if I like green.

  2. oh my gosh did you take this in the south of france, this could be one of our cats! I too prefer the b and w…but still he looks pretty sweet with the colour background, doesn’t pop but still…great shot

  3. I think he stands out much more in the first since he kind of blends in with the background in the second. I like the first and the second. Depends on your preference, I guess. Cool Kitty though. 🙂 I was surprised to see a cat photo from you. I guessed you didn’t have many cats or didn’t like them. I’m not a cat person either, but they do make very interesting subjects!

  4. Muy lindas las dos, aunque me parece que me quedo con la primera. En la desaturada, con el gato al ser gris me parece que la mirada tiende a confundirse con el fondo. Habría que ver como hubiera quedado con un plano mas cerrado, saturando un poco el amarillo de los ojos y todo lo demás en B&N.

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