20 comments on “Day 288 – 289

  1. Are you complaining? Being stranded with Nicola doesn’t sound like much of a hardship. And look at the photos you got. You’re a lucky man, Pablo. Lucky and blessed!

  2. Today is proof that you have an artist’s eye for both the big and the little pictures. My sister Constance is a painter, and she too can see a landscape, or tighten her focus to the reflection of a berry bush in a tiny puddle at the foot of the mountain. Beautiful photos, Pablo!

  3. I love the light over the mountains and the wall texture. What is that construction material?
    If you are going to get stranded, you picked a good partner! 🙂

    • Sure, I had the greatest partner with me at that time🙂

      About the material, I don’t really know what it was, but I’ll find out and as soon as I know, I’ll let you know!

  4. The simplicity of the first photo is just right. Love the clouds in the second, I’m a huge clouds fan.😀 Congrats on finishing with exams! Enjoy the holidays, okay?

    • I’m not completely done yet because I’m gonna take a summer course (Maybe the worst idea I’ve ever had, but can’t change it now) but for sure everything will be more relaxing🙂

  5. Sounds like a great adventure. I love how you said that “her wishes are orders for you” haha. Are you and Nicola in a relationship or just good friends? I love the texture in the first photo, and I love how the light spills through the clouds on the wide open landscape in the second. Both are great photos. Congrats on making it through exams week! I know the feeling, and I don’t miss it!

  6. De la primera, excelente composicon, con texturas magn ificas, de la segunda un paisaje sobrecogedor, todo un espectaculo para la vista!!!

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