Day 245

This is my last photo with my Nikon D5000, I ordered a new camera a couple of weeks ago and it surpringsily arrived today.

I’m quite happy and looking forward to start shooting with it; I haven’t really had any time to use it so far because I’ve been at the university nearly the whole day, I shot this one very early in the morning when I woke up, the sky looked really awesome.

In the morning I had absolutely no idea that the new camera was coming today, but later on I’ll give it a try and I really hope that getting used  to it doesn’t take me so long.

Until Tomorrow!

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Ésta fue  mi última foto con mi Nikon D5000, hace unas semanas compré una cámara nueva y hoy llegó sorpresivamente.

Estoy muy contento y ansioso por empezar a usarla, no he tenido nada de tiempo porque he estado casi todo el día en la uiversidad. Ésta la tomé esta mañana muy temprano cuando me levanté y mire por la ventana, el cielo estaba increible.

Bueno, de hoy en adelante las fotos serán con una cámara diferente, sólo espero que acostumbrarme a ella no me lleve mucho tiempo.

Hasta mañana!

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20 thoughts on “Day 245

  1. Beautiful contrast, Pablo! Loved the atmosphere.

    Why last photo? Where is this camera going to? (I know you have a new one, but still) 🙂

  2. Nice sunset, Pablo! Good timing! You should experiment with the white balance, especially at sunset. And congrats for your camera!

  3. Maybe I missed it but why a new camera? Are you forsaking Nikon? I would gladly buy your old camera if it would guarantee that I could “see” like you. This sky is awesome, and a bit scary! By the way, I just ordered a new telephoto lens. Should be getting it next week, just in time for camping in Yosemite here in the states. Can’t wait to see what you capture with your new camera.

  4. Fabulosa, que hermoso cielo…la ultima de tu Nikon 5000, pues bueno que disfrutes tu nueva que merecido lo tienes!!!!!!!!

  5. Hope you have a lot of fun with the new camera!

    Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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