Day 232

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55 ; 50 mm, ISO 400; f/5,6 ; 1/60 s.

Today when I was reading something, I came across a quote that I really liked, and truth be told, it  inspired me for today’s shot; as I’ve been making big decisions lately the quote really touched me and I think right now it suits me.

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

Pablo Picasso.

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Hoy mientras estaba leyendo algo, me encontré con una frase que me gustó y en cierto modo me hizo imaginar una foto, además me tocó porque ultimamente he tomado muchas decisiones sobre mi futuro, y siento que la cita se relaciona con cosas que han pasado ultimamente.

“Los colores, como los lineamientos, siguen los cambios de las emociones.”

Pablo Picasso.

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15 thoughts on “Day 232

  1. Hey Pablo,
    I must say, I didn’t visityour blog for some days, becaue time was so rare! But now, I came back and saw this… Just amazing!!!!

  2. Nicely done! So simple yet it pulls me in and congures up images of the past when I used to color as a kid and draft with them!

  3. Ah, appropriate quote to illustrate photo or appropriate photo to illustrate the quote. I like this one. It’s simplicity, color, classic design. It’s good, Pablo. 🙂

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