Day 227

Exif Data: Nikon D5000; Lens: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 18 mm; ISO 100; f/22; 154 seconds.

I shot this photo in the evening while I was driving with a friend, we set the camera on the tripod in the back part of the car, then I set the bulb mode and shot using a wireless shutter release control while I was driving, the idea was capturing  the lights of the city, including the lamps and car trails.

This is the result of today’s experiment, a sort of electriCity.

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Esta foto la tomé ahora en la noche mientras iba manejando; puse la cámara con el trípode en la parte de atras del carro, luego activé el modo “bulb” y mientras iba manejando, disparé utilizando un control remoto para la cámara, la idea era capturar las luces de la ciudad, que incluye carros y lámparas.
Este fue el resultado.

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.




15 thoughts on “Day 227

  1. definitely electric!!! great shot Pablo, really creative. I need to get myself a trigger…shooting light trails without one is…well, not possible…unless I plan to sit there for an hour holding the shutter! love this shot

  2. Urban Abstraction de altísimo nivel de experimentación y creatividad!! Felicitaciones Pablo

  3. That’s a great idea and the result is really amazing ! I would never have figured out how you did that shot if you hadn’t told us !

  4. Pues te ha salido muy bien este experimento, parece traido de Star Treak la pelicula, que creatividad!!!

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