17 comments on “Day 226

  1. Pablo, he is pinning his eyes and his feathers on his head are standing up. That means he is either excited by something or fearful. If you approach him when he is doing this, he will bite. If his feathers are smooth and his pupils dilated normally, he is relaxed, and you can approach him. I suggest offering him some food. Like a cracker or bread or fruit. No avocado or onion though. Leave it if he doesn’t take it from you. Try again and again. Sooner or later he will come to you to take the food. When he does, you have bonded with him. Don’t be afraid of his beak because it is big. My Amazon can take a chunk out better than he can. Don’t let him intimidate you. Don’t jerk your hand back or act afraid. Be slow and calm and talk to him. I promise he will come to you sooner or later. 🙂 Then, he will never forget you.

  2. BTW, don’t look him directly in the eye. That’s considered aggressive by birds. Look at his face instead. Stand or sit at the same place every time. Leave the food nearby. Bring it in closer to you if he takes it. You’ll know.

  3. I want to see a photo without the feathers standing up. He should not be losing feathers on his chest. He may be sick. See if you can get a photo like that. Let’s see the whole bird. Thanks.

  4. Excelente toma, que bien captada esta guacamaya, la verdad son maravillosas estas huellas de la cara, muy bien lograda esta fotografia, los colores te quedaron fantasticos!!!!!!!!

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