Day 221

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF Zoom 70-300; 122 mm, ISO 400; f/5,6 ; 1/500s.

Orchid is a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants with colorful and fragrant blooms. There are between 21.950 and 26.049 currently accepted species.

Orchids come in a big range of colors, including green and even black, but the only color that you will never find in this flower is the blue.

When it comes to the climate, the orchids cannot withstand sudden drops in temperature., that would seem too chaotic for the plant and ultimately lead to its death.

The Orchids can be found in a number of locations such as the Amazon, Australia, China, Madagascar, North and South America, India, the UK, Wales and Europe.

The Orchid is the National Flower of Colombia, the flower is variety Cattleya Trianae which was originally discovered in 1840’s in Colombia.

Colombian orchids often grow along mountain streams are said to be among the most beautiful on earth.

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Las orquideas son  una familia diversa de plantas; hay entre 21.950 y 26.049 especies aceptadas de ella en la actualidad.

Tienen una gran variedad de colores, incluyendo el verde y negro, pero el único color que no se ha encontrado en estas plantas es el azul.

No pueden soportar caidas repentinas de temperatura, pede resultar caótico para la planta y puede llevarla a su muerte.

Las orquideas se encuentran en muchos lugares del mundo, tales como el Amazonas, Australia, China, Madagascar, Norte América, India, el Reino Unido, Gales, Europa y Sudamérica.

Una de las especies, llamada Cattleya Trianae, es la flor nacional de Colombia, fue descubierta en el país en 1840.

Las orquideas colombianas crecen cerca a las corrientes de agua de las montañas y son unas de las más bonitas en todo el mundo.

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11 thoughts on “Day 221

  1. I like this. I think some orchids grow in Texas in the wild. I read about some lady in east Texas who grows them in her yard. I can see that this one is a wild growing one. I didn’t know there was no blue in orchid species at all. Pink and violet are close to blue, aren’t they? Wonder how nature missed making blue? I don’t like blue flowers as a rule. My mother didn’t either so I guess that’s how I came to think blue is unnatural for flowers! That’s interesting information. You always include such good info on your subjects. Thanks.

  2. amazing flower…i just went to the orchard garden in Singapore 2 days ago…the variety of orchids is fantastic…i shot a flower similar to this one 🙂

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