8 comments on “Day 220

  1. Que nota!!! Es muy grande, no pensé que fuera como de 1 m wow!!! no sé, pero me parece más interesante esa construcción (la primera foto) a partir de varias esculturitas y formar una sola grande que las casitas solas… Como que comienza a aparecer un rompecabezas y forma algo…
    Me gusta mucho sabes qué? que deje el color casi natural, tan cercano a la tierra…
    Mándame más fotos!!!

  2. Great graphic work Pablo….sorry I have not been commenting but for some reason I was not getting notification of new posts from your site…sorted now🙂

  3. Oh, I love the invite card. You outdid yourself with that one. I know she is happy! I like her house very much. I assume it is made of tiles laced together? She is very clever and artistic. I have a small house that my niece gave to me years ago. This girl’s houses reminds me of it. I like them a lot. I wish I were close enough to buy a tiny house! Give her my best. She is a delight, I can see that in the little houses she makes! Thank you for the birthday wish too. Now I am older than your grandmother, I bet! 🙂

  4. Que bien Pablo, excelente trabajo hiciste para que tu amiga se luciera, muy bien por lo profesional de mi amigo el fotografo!!!!!!!

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