Day 219

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 46 mm, ISO 200; f/5,3; 1/15 s.

There are days where I feel like everything that surrounds me is nice and can be a great subject, and this is one of these days; I found this necklace at home, not sure if it belongs to my mom or to my sister, but I grabbed it and took it to the dinner table that sometimes becomes my studio; I shot some macros using a close up lens in order to get some bokeh, and this is the explosion of color that I got.

Have a great weekend!

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Hay dias en los que muchas de las cosas que me rodean se ven más llamativas para mi, y me imagino una foto cuando las veo, y este es uno de esos dias; hoy encontré un collar y lo llevé a la mesa del comedor, que a veces se convierte en mi pequeño estudio; y con un close-up tomé unos macro para conseguir algo de bokeh; esta explosión de color fue el resultado.

Feliz fin de semana!

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.




10 thoughts on “Day 219

  1. “Some bokeh”? You got the MOTHER OF BOKEHS! This is absolutely the very best illustration of it I ever saw. It is lovely and magic. The benchmark for bokeh! Now, I quit. I cannot possibly find such beautiful light in the world as this. I am so pleased to see it, Pablo! You made my day happier. 🙂

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