Day 217

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 18 mm, ISO 640; f/6,3; 35 seconds.

Today might have been the longest day in this semester; I’ve been awake for so long already, but during the day I couldn’t even grab my camera once; after dinner I had to study, but I spared some time to go out and take a picture; I was planning on shooting a long exposure with the car trails, but when I saw the stars in the sky, I knew I had to try something.

Of course I tried to get some star trails, and I did, but I didn’t expose it for that long because I had to study and this wasn’t shot from home, so the trails weren’t long enough; I ended up shooting a picture in which you could see how the sky looked like tonight.

Okay, enough, I think this day have to come to an end, so, until tomorrow!

Feel free to leave feedback, critiques or suggestions.



Hoy sin lugar a duda ha sido el día más largo de todo el semestre; en todo el día no pude usar la cámara ni una vez, pero por la noche, después de comer y antes de empezar a estudiar de nuevo saqué un poquito de tiempo para tomar fotos.

Estaba pensando en hacer una foto de larga exposición, pero al salir y ver el cielo supe que tenía que aprovecharlo; quería hacer unos star trails, y de hecho los hice, pero como no tenía mucho tiempo, no pude exponerla por el tiempo necesario y las lineas de las estrellas no quedaron tan largas. Terminé tomando una foto más simple, donde se pudiera ver cómo el cielo se vió esta noche.

Bueno, es suficiente, creo que este día debe acabar; hasta mañana!

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.




21 thoughts on “Day 217

  1. Beautiful. Love the angle. Was the building illuminated at all? I don’t see how you kept the building perfectly exposed and were still abale to capture the stars. Is this hdr?

    1. It wasn’t really iluminated, you could see it because of the street lamps that were kind of close!
      It’s not HDR; Actually I tried to make an HDR out of it, but I didn’t like the result; this one is straight out of the camera (Aside the watermark)

  2. You did a wonderful shot and much more interesting than the car trails… I loved this starry nights… Your composition is great. Thank you dear Pablo, have a nice and enjoyable day, Love, nia

  3. I love the angle of the shot and the whole composition. Perfectly shot and perfectly exposed right out of the camera, I can tell. You can’t make a bad photo into this! I love it, Pablo! 🙂

  4. Great work Pablo! I haven’t been to visit in awhile as I lost all my follow links when I moved to a self-hosted blog. Refound you today!

  5. Pues lo lograste, te quedo simplemente extraordinaria, el encuadre en diagonal me parece exquisito y ese cielo de tequdo de pelicula, muy buena Pablo!!!!!!!!

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