Day 212

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 28 mm, ISO 200; f/4,5; 1/25 s.

I’ve ben making the most of this day, my day off of university; I woke up early to get on with work, and wnet out to run some errands; when I was coming back, I saw a road that I had never seen in my entire life, I got curious to see where could it take me and I took it; after nearly 6 minutes of driving, I realized that there wasn’t that much, just a few small houses and a big school at the end of the path; when I turned to get back on my way, I saw this litlle house and I immediately stop, didn’t dare to get closer because there was a big dog barking at me and although I like dogs, I already had a bad experience with them, so I prefered staying away.

Have a nice weekend!

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Estuve aprovechando mi día libre de clases para adelantar cosas de trabajo, me levanté temprano para salir a hacer unas vueltas, y en el camino de regreso, vi una calle que jamás había visto; me dio curiosidad saber a donde me podía llevar y la tomé.

Después de casi 6 minutos, me di cuenta que no había mucho, sólo unas cuantas casas pequeñas, y un colegio al final del camino; así que me devolví. En ese momento vi esta casa, me gustó, bajé del carro para tomarle algunas fotos, intenté acercarme un poco más pero había un perro muy grande ladrándome; aunque me gustan los perros ya tuve una mala experiencia con uno, y preferí quedarme donde estaba.

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14 thoughts on “Day 212

  1. I just went to Eastern Washington to teach a storytelling workshop. On the way home I impulsively pulled off the highway to explore some back roads. I found and photographed acres and acres of apple trees in bloom. It is always an adventure to stray from the beaten path with a camera in hand. Lovely photo, Pablo, lovely find!

  2. A great find.. Love it in B&W with that hint of blue on the windows, almost there but not.

    (don’t you watch horror movies?? driving up to stange houses, down lonely roads usually end horribly.. HAHA!!)

  3. I think somebody lives here. The dog does anyway. How do you leave the blue trim? Never mind. I can’t do it anyway! I like this a lot. A good example of traditional ceramic tile roofing. I notice the roof is completely intact. Yes, I think somebody still lives here, no? Do some architectural photos of your town. I’d really like to see the houses, etc. (Maybe you did and I missed them.)

    1. Hi George!
      Getting the blue was actually pretty easy, just open the colorful version on photoshop, desaturate it and then, with the history brush paint the parts that you wanna keep in color 🙂
      I have done some shots where there are places of the city, specially in the first days, but sure, I’ll do some more 🙂

      1. Hey, thanks for the tip. I’m no good with graphics manipulation, but I might try. I need to look backwards on your blog for the architecture. I want to see where people live. 🙂 That’s what I love most about any place.

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