Day 203

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens: Nikkor AF Zoom 70-300; 70 mm, ISO 200; f/4 ; 1/80 s

I think there is something to photograph every day, no matter if we are running out of imagination to compose something, there is at least one thing that crosses our path.

My mom found this little guy in my brothers bedroom; I’m pretty sure she wasn’t quite happy with her finding, but it was nice for me, as soon as I saw it, I love its colors and decided to make him my today’s photo.

Some facts about moths:

Moth antennae are either feather or hair like filament; they have hairy bodies to keep their body temperature necessary for flight.

Only a few moths fly during the day time.

The “Luna Moth” is born without a mouth, never eats or drinks.

Moths can navigate by the stars.

Their wing veins are a good way to identify the specie, it would be like finger prints in human beings.

Moths can see ultra-violet light.

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 Todos los dias hay algo para fotografiar, aun si se está teniendo un día en los que la imagiación para hacer composiciones es escasa, algo aparece en el camino.

Hoy mi mamá encontró esta polilla en el cuarto de mi hermano, en verdad no creo que le haya gustado mucho haberla encontrado por su reacción, pero para mi fue algo bueno, me gustaron sus colores, y decidí convertirla en mi foto de hoy.

Algunos datos sobre las polillas:

Las antenas de las polillas son parecidas a las plumas o al pelo; además sus cuerpos son cubiertos de pelo para que puedan mantener el calor corporal.

Sólo unas polillas vuelan durante el día.

La polilla “luna”  nace sin boca, nunca come o toma nada.

Las polillas pueden volar guiándose con las estrellas.

Las venas de sus alas son una buena forma de identificar su especie son como las huellas digitales en los seres humanos.

Las polillas pueden ver la luz ultravioleta.


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26 thoughts on “Day 203

    1. No! It was alive!
      I already had the chance of taking photos of a creature like this one, day 14 I think; and I realized that they really don’t like flying during the day time, it was so still 🙂

  1. I couldn’t figure out what he was until I read your description. This is a fantastic macro. What is the “coil” thing? What kind of moth? I know there are zillions of them, but I never saw such a colorful one.

  2. “The “Luna Moth” is born without a mouth, never eats or drinks.”
    …so… what does it mean this dear Pablo, how can he live…
    Your photograph at the beginning (before reading anything) hit me as a folkoloric object… But when I read it hit me much more and I said WOW!

    Thank you dear Pablo, you really did great shot. With my love, nia

  3. very interesting pablo ! i have never seen anything like this before, sure has wonderful bright colors. i enjoy coming to visit, always something interesting to learn.. ; )

  4. Maravillosa imagen Pablo, nunca habia observado estos animalejos, tienen una faz complicada ese espiral se ve magnifico!!!!

  5. aplausos aplausos aplausos, o mejor clap clap clap,… espectacular!! Pablo
    Jorge Andrés

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