17 comments on “Day 202

  1. OMG!! So have successfully now made me homesick… I haven’t seen those little red thingys in forever.. I’m not sure what they’re called.. SIGH… Mangoes, Paw Paw (papaya).
    So pretty🙂

  2. It is nearly impossible not to photograph a produce stand … I love them! What a bountiful display of color… and so healthy for us as well!

  3. I want to know what the berries on the stick are too. They are beautiful. I wonder if they could be dried just as they are? Some fruits and berries will dry and retain their color.

  4. Que colorido, los racimos de pepas rojas deben ser corozos verdad? me recuerda una palma de corozos que conocí en la casa de una señora amiga de mi mamá en Libaré, era fabulosa, los colores de los corozos son fantasticos!!!!

  5. Adoro los mercados y en esta foto das una hermosa muestra de cómo son esos puestos fantásticos de frutas y verduras, tan llenos de color.

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