26 comments on “Day 200

  1. Que hermoso este paisaje! ya es mi sueno ir a alla algun dia! Creo que colombia es el pais mas hermoso con todas su paisajes tan diferentes. Tu blog es muy chevere porque muestra mucho la diversidad de Colombia! un razon mas para verla cada dia!

  2. Hi Pablo:
    Congrats on making 200. That’s quite a milestone! Love the panorama. Wish there was color here in New England like you have. I tell ya. The greens in the water in the south are stunning and you have a knack for capturing the brilliant color so well.


    • Thank you Chris!
      This place is so amazing!
      When I was on the way, I was afraid the day was gonna be cloudy, on the road there was only fog and I thought the weather in “El Peñol” was gonna be the same as it was here, but fortunatelly it wasn’t🙂

  3. CONGRATS!!! woo hoo….
    I LOVE your photo today and all the information.. Makes me want to travel there.. You will have to be my guide..

  4. I hate those 365 projects that someone undertakes and then runs out of ideas after day 33. That would be me. Last night I took some shots of the dirty dishes in my sink. Today I should take a shot of the clean sink. Empty. No dishes. Post them both as days 199 and 200. But wait…. When did you start this project if you’re on day 200 already? You don’t start on January 1? Anyway, I got off the subject. I love your blog and love the shots you’ve given us each day. This place looks gorgeous and your description makes me want to go visit- though not necessarilly climb to the top of that rock. Keep it up and I’ll keep visiting.

    • Hi!
      Thanks for your words.
      I started the project in october; thought about starting it in january but at that time I had a lot of free time, so I decided to start it.
      The place is simply amazing, I’m pretty sure everyone would love it, the view is breath taking.
      Thanks for your visit!

  5. Hola! Gracias por mostrar el que para mi es el lugar mas hermoso de mi tierra. Y lo aprendí a querer mas luego de ir con personas de otros lados y ver sus caras de admiración cuando llegábamos a la cima y teniamos semejante vista a nuestro alrededor. Que bueno que fuiste y tomaste esta buena foto para que otros se antojen de ir. Un abrazo!

  6. Demasiado bonito para ser verdad Pablo. Reafirmo mi deseo de querer ir a Colombia. Por cierto, viste el post con las fotos de Brujas (de mi viaje a Bélgica)? Hay algo que te puede interesar al final del primer párrafo:) -Leo

    • Mil gracias Leo!
      No lo había visto porque no había tenido nada de tiempo mientras estaba en Medellín.
      Espero algún día verte en Colombia.

  7. What an amazing way to mark/celebrate this milestone and I love the symbolism of climbing so many steps to reach the destination that brought such a beautiful visual experience. Thank you for introducing us to this place and congratulations!

  8. I cannot imagine what a sight this must be if one is actually there in person. This is a fitting tribute to celebrate 200 days. Your photographs should be published in a book “365 Days With Pablo”. It would be a beautiful book.

  9. Maravillosa forma de celebrar los 200, felicitaciones y la foto pues SPEECHLESS, grcaias por compartirla !!!!
    Pablo hablate con Vivi a ver si se reunen con mi esposa para lo del pereira plaza ok??
    saludos y otra vez congratulaciones !!!!!
    Jorge Andres

  10. Maravillosas tomas, es uno de los lugares que esta entre mis pendiente para ir, fui cuando no estaba inundado, hace ya muchos años y no tenia camara, te quedaron bellisimas!!!

  11. Congratulations on your 200th day! Well over the half way point! This vista is absolutely stunning. I am of the opinion that it is the perfect substitute for your planned shot.

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