15 comments on “Day 194

  1. That’s a great photograph of your other family. I love the tender way you composed the letter with the key chain and the beautiful children postcard. I know you miss this family. You are wise to keep in touch. Friends are so easily mislaid unless we make a real effort to keep in touch. This is a heartwarming story that tells us as much about you as it does about them. I know they miss you too. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us, Pablo.

  2. Los sentimientos de afecto, cariño y agradecimiento hacia ellos permaneceran siempre en ti y en mi, por haber sido tu familia y haberte tratado como un hijo .

  3. Sabes una cosa? Me encanta que mantengas con tu familia contacto y que hables con ellos seguido. Desde que estuviste en su casa fuiste, eres y serás para ellos un integrantemas!!!

    Me alegro mucho!!

  4. Wow, I was really touched by this post, Pablo. I, too, was an exchange student at one time, and I know how important host families are. It’s so wonderful that you’ve stayed in touch with yours. I love the photograph of the postcard, letter, and, keychain. It’s beautifully composed. It’s so nice, as well, to see a photography of your other family. Lovely post!

  5. Bella experiencia, la imaagen lo dice todo, hubiera centrado mejor para no recortar la fotografia, te sobro un poco de espacioo a la derecha, pero aqui la historia supera la imagen!!!!

  6. You have been given the opportunity for such a rich life. And I am so happy that you have made the most of your opportunities and that you have such a large circle of family who loves you.

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