15 comments on “Day 189

  1. I cannot imagine living in a place where zinnias grow year round! I am growing them this year, but must begin them indoors under lights until it is warm enough to bring them outdoors. They immediately die when exposed to any frost. This is a lovely photo of a lovely grouping of zinnias in a lovely country.

  2. I agree with Lance. The Zinnia is an old fashioned flower. It is hardy in some parts of the US. My mother grew them in a “cut flower” area to use as house flowers. There are some double kinds (with full heads now). They are hybrids. This is a lovely photo.

  3. Beautiful photo!! You never disappoint.. You bokeh background is exceptional.
    (however, i’m not talking to you.. just rub it in about having wonderful weather all year round. Hummpf)

  4. Esta me encanta, el primer plano perfectamente enfocado con unos bellos colores y el fondo de un color que resalta la belleza de estas florecita,s muy buena!!!!!

  5. You have me thinking that no matter where you turn, there is something gorgeous to photograph! Here it is flat and boring and I really struggle to find something of interest. I think you just may be in a photographer’s paradise.

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