15 comments on “Day 186

    • Thank you Naomi!!
      I’m sorry for not being able to respond to the award yet, it’s been a crazy week with lots of things to do, but I promisse I’ll do it through this week.🙂

  1. Gosh! It’s beautiful. I like the reflection on the car too. You get the sense of where you were. I think that is a bonus since it creates movement against the sunset. Nice.

  2. First thoughts:
    Oh, MAN! WOW! That’s what photography is supposed to do, cause an instant reaction. You’re good at doing that, Pablo!

  3. Hey Pablo, buenisima la fotografía y buenísima la historia, sólo tengo una preocupación ; es que vos saliendote por un sunroof y con la altura que tenés………como de foto no??? Ja Ja Ja

    Jorge Andrés

  4. But you captured such a nice image of sunset… especially with the reflections on the car. What a beautiful colours of sunset sky… So beautiful. You are doing great with your camera, Thank you, with my love, nia

  5. Hermos atardecer, ibas por la 30 de Agosto a la altura de el intercambiador que va para Marcella (Bomba Turin)? el reflejo en el carro si señor se ve muy bien, andas con la camara al hombro para no perderte ni una, muy bien!!!!

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