Day 183

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 29 mm, ISO 250; f/7,1; 1/50 s.

I’ve got halfway though this project today; this is where the count-down starts.

I didn’t think that this project was going to give the opportunity of getting to know people from all over the world, learning something from them, showing them how this country is like and see the world through somebody their eyes; seriously I’ve learnt a lot.

Although some days I’ve felt desperate because I don’t feel creative enough, I’ve been able to cross something interesting on my way and I haven’t missed one single day; it’s been fruitful and so much fun.

As today is the half of the project, I composed something using the halves of some colorful fruits.

I wanna thank to all those who have taken the time to visit this blog, read my posts, look at the photos, comment, criticize and suggest anything so that I can improve what I do.

Feel free to leave feedback, critiques or suggestions.



Hoy llego a la mitad del proyecto; de aca en adelante empieza la cuenta regresiva.

No creí que este proyecto me iba a dar tantas oportunidades de conocer gente de todas partes, de aprender sobre su mundo y sus estilos fotográficos, de mostrarles éste país y un poco de mi vida, y sobre todo, de ver el mundo a través de sus ojos y lentes.

Aunque algunos dias me he sentido desesperado porque no me siento tan creativo, algo se cruza en mi camino y completo mi tarea, no he dejado de postear ningún día.

Como hoy es el día de la mitad, quería ahcer algo que la representara, pensé mucho en diferentes cosas, pero al final decidí hacer una composición con las mitades de algunas frutas.

Sólo me queda agradecerle a todos los que se han tomado el tiempo para visitar el blog, así sea una vez, de leer los posts, ver las fotos, comentar, hacer críticas y sugerirme cosas para mejorar lo que hago.

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.




15 thoughts on “Day 183

  1. Congratulations Pablo, well done ! !


    The next half will be awesome

    I’m sure of that

  2. Mi Pablo, felicitaciones, siempre te has caracterizado por tu compromiso, responsabilidad y

    tenacidad cuando emprendes un proyecto o cualquier cosa que empiezas siempre la terminas, te

    esperan cosas buenas y grandes en la vida te las mereces me siento muy orgullosa de tenerte

    como hijo. Te amo.


  3. Thank YOU, Pablo! You have been such a source of encouragement. Your work is incredibly inspiring, as is your generous spirit. I’m grateful to you for all the time you have given to comment on my posts and those of so many others. I have thoroughly enjoyed your photography and the wealth of information you have shared with us through your posts. I can only imagine that the next half of your project will be just as (if not even more) successful. Your beautiful still life above is a reflection of the “fruits of your labor.” It’s a perfect shot!

  4. This is a great photo to remind us of the statement “you are what you eat”…. congrats on your halfway point… Your project is an inspiration and your work is quite excellent. 🙂

  5. It has been a while since I have checked in and I have been missing so much of your beautiful work! Congratulations on hitting the halfway mark! I have only 50 odd days left on mind and I just can’t force myself to get the photos I have actually shot posted!
    Oh! And the new album is posted on the Facebook 365 if you would like to post 2 of this week’s photos to it! I hope you do, because yours will be the best work there!!!!

  6. Congrats!!! Looking forward to the next half.
    Love this photo and while I am a HUGE FAN of your work and I probably have said this before, I’m thinking this may be my favorite shot. 🙂

  7. “Although some days I’ve felt desperate because I don’t feel creative enough…”

    Hey, Pablo, remember this: You are not creative, you are very creative and you do great photos.
    I almost daily check your blog even if sometimes I say nothing.

  8. Again you exhibit so much creativity in your selection of subject for today. That fruit looks so delicious and it must be very available in your country with your year round summer. Lucky you!

  9. Que maravillosa imagen, el colorido es fabuloso, el fondo negro es una excelente idea para resaltar esos hermosos colores tropicales, muy buena Pablo!!!!!

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