29 comments on “Day 181

  1. Pablo! It’s beautiful. So smart and urban and chic. Do they still call it “chic”? I love your sense of design and the application of color. Look at that window…a framed painting in itself. You are a lucky boy to live where you can see a “painting” every time you look out the window. This space will inspire you. It’s a soothing place to live. It is orderly and calm and feels good to look at too. You did a very special treatment here. I like it very much.

  2. BTW, I thought I was the only person who would think to arrange photographs under a window. I never saw anybody else except you do that. I love it.

    • Thank you George!
      It was fun; at the begining I was getting desperate because the color didn’t look so good, and I thought that I was going to get tired of that green in the first week, but when that wall was done I was quite happy, and today, I can’t recognize my room, I kind of feel like I’m going into a store or a bar haha😀

      I’ll show you some day a photo of the wall with the pictures and postcards, I started hanging them about a year ago, because my friends from the exchange still send me postcards and I love getting them and hanging them on my wall, soon I’ll show you the whole wall🙂

  3. Pablis, eres la única persona que conozco que le gusta el verde biche!!! súper…
    Oye, no se si has visto (o si fue eso lo que usaste), la pintura en spray que venden en Home Center para tablero??? Jose tenía en su otra casa y todo el día dibujábamos ahí con tiza, es lo máximo, pero es una pintura en especial para eso… Por si te interesa el dato o bueno, si eso fue lo que usaste súper!🙂

    • Hahaha, yo se, es super extraño que a alguien le guste ese color, 🙂
      Aleja, gracias por el dato, voy a ver si con esta pintura la pared no se daña cuando borre, igual voy a comprar la otra en estos dias cuando tenga tiempo de ir a home center🙂

  4. Absolutely LOVE it… Love the color and I think your choice for black on that column is very chic.
    Writing on it would really allow it to pop.. so go for it.
    (sorry I’ve been MIA – lots going on)

  5. Hi Pablo, it’s an eye-catcher! I’m so glad to see you have fun with your decor. Last year I got tired of beige walls and painted my bathroom purple, magenta, lavander, and aqua. Very eye popping. I painted my living room walls sienna and umber, the kitchen yellow and blue, and our bedroom green with white trim. It is really fun to make a change, and the the guys are the paint store were so happy to see me come back for another pallet of colors that they gave me the contractor discount!

    • Hahaha, sounds like it was fun and a huge change🙂
      I liked my room, and everyone who visited this apartment said that it was the coolest room, but now I think it looks much better and full of life🙂

  6. I love it! Good pic! Maybe you can send it to “Axxis” magazine, hahahaha!
    P.D. Good idea the pics on the wall.

  7. Pablis me encanta ver como amas y quieres ese espacio. Te quedo Superrrr. Me gusta mucho!!! I love you Pablis!!!

  8. Felicitaciones por el nuevo estilo!! Te ha quedado espectacular!! muy de artista…y el mío con unas aburridas paredes blancas. Ya me dan ganas de tomar la brocha!!

  9. The black wall gives a wonderful image to the room with all other colours… Your creavity is great, I saw this in your other photographs too, your compostions and your subjects… I found them all, your room too so artistic. I loved it. Thank you Pablo, with my love, nia

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