16 comments on “Day 176

  1. Such a wonderful photograph, Pablo. Look at this sweet little one with her big paint brush. There is a nice clarity and warmth to this image. Enjoy your time together. I’m sure you will share many laughs together during her visit.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful, Pablo. And so curious looking in the eyes! No wonder she fascinates you. This is a wonderful portrait of her too. She makes me smile. Enjoy your visit with the family.

  3. “Dad, may I paint that wall? Pleaaaase!!”
    Kids and colours!
    I like this!
    When my nephews visit me, they want sheets, pencils, brushes and colours, a lot of colours!

  4. Hi Pablo:
    So nice having a photographer in families. My niece is just two months old and you wouldn’t believe the number of photos I have of her. Ahh but then again maybe you would. LoL.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hermosa! Cuantos pincelazos pinto en tu camara? Espero que estés disfrutando mucho de estos dias de descanso. A propósito… ya casi llegas a la mitad de tu proyecto!

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