Day 173

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF Zoom 70-300; 300 mm, ISO 400; f/5,6; 1/1250 s.

I saw this little guy while I was walking, then I started to get closer and he didn’t seem to care much about my presence, that gave me the chance to shoot a couple of pictures of him; suddenly he turned his head 180 degrees and it really amazed me, I was looking through the viewfinder when he did so, I quickly pressed the shutter; I was quite happy with the focus, which is very hard to get right when shooting birds because my telephoto only works with manual focus.

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Hoy encontré este pájaro mientras iba caminando. Me empecé a acercar  a él, y parecía no molestarle mi presencia, eso me dio la oportunidad de acercarme mucho más y tomarle fotos con mayor detalle.

De repente, el pájaro volteó su cabeza 180 grados, nunca había visto eso, en ese momento sólo pensé en oprimir el obturador rapidamente.

Al final quedé muy contento con el resultado porque alcancé a capturar buenos detalles; tomarle fotos a los pájaros es algo que me gusta mucho, pero aun así es muy dificil porque mi lente solo sirve con enfoque manual y capturar detalles es muy complicado.

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14 thoughts on “Day 173

  1. You hit it on this one. Sometimes, it’s a matter of luck or composure. Apparently, your reflexes are as reliable your hand! Great portrait of the bird with his head in that interesting position.

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