17 comments on “Day 172

  1. The reflection in the eye is fantastic. The area above the eye creeps me out. I left a message on your “about” asking what the prize was that you won in the iPod Shuffle contest over at Kenneth Todd’s site? 🙂

    • Thank you George!!

      I just saw it and already replied it! This is the first time that I win something in this way haha, it was strange but cool to see that I was the winner🙂

  2. Apologies for not having commented sooner, you have been nice enough to comment on my blog for some time now and I have been remiss in not reciprocating. I hope to make amend here and henceforth as I have added you to my google Reader subscriptions and have perused back to Post no #2 My favourites (all of which I wish I had taken are Nos #5, #143 & $152 but wonder at the same eye in posts 17 and this one although diferent angles. Thanks for dropping by, how this amends.

    • Thank you Ron!

      It’s okay, there is nothing to apoligize for; I didn’t comment on your posts to get comments back, I do it because I enjoy your photos and your posts.🙂

      I’m glad to know that you’ve liked some of my posts.
      Hope you are doign great.


  3. Nice focus, I would have closed a bit more, and maybe there’s a bit too much visual aberations ?
    Though, I’m not sure of one of your facts about eyes, nicely added though, and fun to read🙂 It’s the one about the eye not growing, what I found most comonly as an answer to that is that the eye doesn’t *much*, and only in the first years of life, but it still growth a bit between the birth and adulthood🙂

  4. Hola Pablo, el reflejo que lograste en esta fotografia es “absurdo” Felicitaciones….

    Jorge Andrés

    Feliz Semana.

  5. Like George way up there, I find that area of the eye a bit on the creepy side, but I have to admire the detail you have captured here! Those of us with brown eyes appreciate a shot of our brownies to admire once in a while too!

  6. Increíble los detalles que se ven en un ojo!!
    Es una foto que no he hecho nunca. Es como que me parece que da algo de impresión…

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