Day 172

Like yesterday, today I’ve been trying to improve my manual focus as well, and I think this is quite a challenging subject because I can stay completely still while holding the camera, but that wouldn’t make any sense if the “model” is constantly moving.

I shot over 60 pictures and ended up choosing this one, because I liked the reflection of the eye lashes on the eye.

Some facts about eyes:

Eyes blink over 27,397 times per day.

The shark cornea has been used in eye surgery, since it’s  similar to a human cornea.

The pupil can increase its size also under the effect of strong emotions (fear, sexual turn on).

The eyeball of a human weighs approximately 28 grams.

Human eyes can detect 10 million color hues, but cannot see ultraviolet or infrared light.

People blink once or twice at 10 seconds, and a blink lasts 0.3 seconds. In 12 hours, people blink 25 minutes. Infants starts blinking at the age of 6 months.

Eyes are composed of more than 2 million working parts.

An eye will focus on about 50 things per second.

Eyes are always the same size from birth, but the nose and ears never stop growing.

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF Zoom 70-300 with a close-up lens; 70 mm, ISO 500; f/4; 1/250 s.

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Al igual que ayer, hoy he estado practicando algo de enfoque manual,  y creo que un ojo es muy desafiante, porque no depende simplemente de mi, yo puedo tener la cámara completamente quieta, pero eso no sirve de nada si la persona a quien estoy fotografiando se mueve, así se mueva un milímetro el enfoque va a cambiar.

Tomé más de 60 fotos, y terminé eligiendo esta porque me gustó el reflejo de las pestañas en el ojo, además del enfoque.

Algunos datos sobre los ojos:

Un ojo necesita aproximadamente 27,397 parpadeos diarios para permanecer mojado.

La cornea del tiburón ha sido usada en cirugias, pues es muy similar a la cornea humana.

Las pupilas aumentan de tamaño bajo emociones fuertes (miedo, exitación).

El ojo humano pesa aproximadamente 28 gramos.

Los ojos humanos pueden detectar 10 millones de tonos, pero no pueden ver luz infraroja ni ultravioleta.

Los bebes empiezan a parpadear a los 6 meses.

Los ojos se componen de más de dos millones de partes.

Un ojo puede enfocar aproximadamente 50 cosas por segundo.

Los ojos de un humano tienen el mismo tamaño desde el nacimiento, no crecen como la nariz o las orejas.

Datos de la foto: Nikon D5000 ; Lente: Nikkor AF Zoom 70-300 con close-up; 70 mm, ISO 500; f/4; 1/250 s.

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17 thoughts on “Day 172

  1. The reflection in the eye is fantastic. The area above the eye creeps me out. I left a message on your “about” asking what the prize was that you won in the iPod Shuffle contest over at Kenneth Todd’s site? 🙂

    1. Thank you George!!

      I just saw it and already replied it! This is the first time that I win something in this way haha, it was strange but cool to see that I was the winner 🙂

  2. Apologies for not having commented sooner, you have been nice enough to comment on my blog for some time now and I have been remiss in not reciprocating. I hope to make amend here and henceforth as I have added you to my google Reader subscriptions and have perused back to Post no #2 My favourites (all of which I wish I had taken are Nos #5, #143 & $152 but wonder at the same eye in posts 17 and this one although diferent angles. Thanks for dropping by, how this amends.

    1. Thank you Ron!

      It’s okay, there is nothing to apoligize for; I didn’t comment on your posts to get comments back, I do it because I enjoy your photos and your posts. 🙂

      I’m glad to know that you’ve liked some of my posts.
      Hope you are doign great.


  3. Nice focus, I would have closed a bit more, and maybe there’s a bit too much visual aberations ?
    Though, I’m not sure of one of your facts about eyes, nicely added though, and fun to read 🙂 It’s the one about the eye not growing, what I found most comonly as an answer to that is that the eye doesn’t *much*, and only in the first years of life, but it still growth a bit between the birth and adulthood 🙂

  4. Hola Pablo, el reflejo que lograste en esta fotografia es “absurdo” Felicitaciones….

    Jorge Andrés

    Feliz Semana.

  5. Like George way up there, I find that area of the eye a bit on the creepy side, but I have to admire the detail you have captured here! Those of us with brown eyes appreciate a shot of our brownies to admire once in a while too!

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