Day 169

I haven’t felt completely well today, but I’m much better than yesterday.

I didn’t grab my camera at any time of the day because I was busy, working out, organizing some stuffs and I was hoping on capturing a beautiful sunset today; but at that time I wasn’t at home, I was talking and working with a friends and therefore I completely forgot about looking if the sky had got any colorful. But I made it, I shot this long exposure from my balcony; not sure if this view is getting boring for some of you who have seen it before, but I had never captured the cityscape with the trails of the cars in one photo.

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 24 mm, ISO 160; f/22; 109 seconds.

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Hoy en todo el día estuve ocupado y despreocupado por la foto, estuve haciendo ejercicio, organizando algunas cosas, y esperaba que hubiera un atardecer bonito; pero a esa hora no estuve en la casa, estaba con una amiga hablando y trabajando un poco, por eso olvidé salir y mirar si el cielo estaba colorido en ese momento del día.

Pero no me quedé varado y tomé la foto de hoy, para algunos, la vista puede ser aburrida porque ya la conocen, pero nunca había hecho una foto desde el balcón del apartamento incluyendo la ciudad y este cruce donde se ven las luces de los carros.

Datos de la foto: Nikon D5000 ; Lens: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 24 mm, ISO 160; f/22; 109 seconds.

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22 thoughts on “Day 169

  1. What a beautiful view you have from your balcony! I love the car trails effect and the cathedral (is it?) in the background… very lovely

    1. Thank you!
      That is not the cathedral, but in my opinion it shouild be, because that’s the most beautiful church in the city 🙂
      Check my post on day 91, 71, 68 and 22 if you want to see a closer view of the church and how it looks like in the inside 😉

  2. Estimado Pablo, veo como te dije todos los dias tus fotografias aunquie no las comente pero estoy completamente al tanto de tu maravilloso proyecto, sigue adelante, estas haciendo un trabajo fabuloso, felicitaciones, Saludos y buena suerte!!!!!!!

  3. Not boring at all, Pablo! I love the purple facade on the church and the light trails through the city streets. I so hope that you’re feeling still better today and that you’ll have a wonderful weekend!

  4. This beautiful view is one of my very favorites that you have posted. It is so striking with the very dark night at the top and the interesting light trails on the street. Very well done!

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