22 comments on “Day 169

    • Thank you!
      That is not the cathedral, but in my opinion it shouild be, because that’s the most beautiful church in the city🙂
      Check my post on day 91, 71, 68 and 22 if you want to see a closer view of the church and how it looks like in the inside😉

  1. Hola Pablo, la vista desde Invico es ya legendaria…. saludos
    Jorge Andrés.

  2. A mi no me cansa ver a Perreira de todas formas, esa larga exposicion te ha quedado muy buena!!!!!!!

  3. Estimado Pablo, veo como te dije todos los dias tus fotografias aunquie no las comente pero estoy completamente al tanto de tu maravilloso proyecto, sigue adelante, estas haciendo un trabajo fabuloso, felicitaciones, Saludos y buena suerte!!!!!!!

  4. Not boring at all, Pablo! I love the purple facade on the church and the light trails through the city streets. I so hope that you’re feeling still better today and that you’ll have a wonderful weekend!

  5. This beautiful view is one of my very favorites that you have posted. It is so striking with the very dark night at the top and the interesting light trails on the street. Very well done!

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