16 comments on “Day 167

  1. Espectacular! Ya me antojaste de ir al eje en Semana Santa… Haré las gestiones correspondientes, jajaja!

  2. I love your photo.. A bit jealous of the scenary.. I want to go to school there.. HAHA!!

    (You are so silly, you keep giving me these awards and I don’t answer the questions.. I”m terrible) I think I will pull a photo from my archive JUST FOR YOU!! and will post answers this time – stay tuned.. =P

  3. Hola Pablo que linda vista, y que bien lograda fotografía, el cielo está espléndido.
    Ese cañón, es maravilloso es el del rio consota en busqueda del rio la vieja….creo…
    Jorge Andrés

  4. That is a perfect view if there is a perfect view. Congratulations on the Sunshine Award. You are a bit of sunshine, you know, with your beautiful photographs and your kind words. 🙂

  5. Aprovechas muy bien tus paseos profesionales para llenar tu blog de excelentes fotografia!!!!!!!!

  6. It is a good thing that I am going through the archives and I am seeing this post tonight! I am going to thank you right now for the Sunshine Award and let you know that I will re-post tonight on my final “catch-up” post! I have been reading too many books and posting too few photos!
    And now I am going to congratulate you on another well-deserved award and on the beautiful capture of the vista!

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