Day 154

Hey People!

Today I decided to stay at home and compose something because I had to work a bit and when I work, I usually do it from home.

To me, shooting indoors can be as fun as go out and shoot, but only if I feel creative to composed something decent enough to share, and today I liked the result of my experiment.

This is a macro of some water drops  placed on a cd; shooting this wasn’t as easy as it probably looks like because the focus is totally manual,  and placing a light to get those colors in the cd is quite a task.

You already know that I like shooting macros, even more if there is any water or fire involved.

Exif Data:Nikon D5000 ; lens: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55 with a close-up lens; 36 mm, ISO 200; f/8; 1/250 sec.

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Hoy decidí quedarme en la casa y componer algo porque tenía que trabajar un poco, y siempre que lo hago es desde la casa.

Para mi, tomar fotos en espacios cerrados puede ser igual o más divertido que salir en busca de otras cosas, pero sólo si me siento creativo para hacer algo lo suficientemente decente para compartir; y hoy, el resultado de mi experimento me gustó, es un macro de gotas de agua reposando en un cd, el enfoque es totalmente manual, y la iluminación para conseguir estos colores en la superficie del cd fue una aventura.

Datos de la toma: Nikon D5000 ; lente: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55, con un close-up; 36 mm, ISO 200; f/8; 1/250 sec.

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13 thoughts on “Day 154

  1. Very psychedelic..
    Love waterdrops on CDs.. I’m am always smiling when I read your blog posts. you are so enthusiastic about photography and I can see you love to share information..

  2. Manual focus? wow, that’s difficult enough without trying to capture colors! You got a beautiful result here. I like it.

  3. wow! that is beautiful! I think I want to try it! I hope it’s ok to admit that your photos have sparked inspiration on multiple occasions; some days it’s hard to not copy your ideas; they are so good!

  4. Hey Pablo, gracias por tus likes en mi instagram….
    Tu foto de hoy es magnífica, y dice mucho del ojo intuitivo y artístico de quién la toma…..
    great job

    Jorge Andrés

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