Day 147

Hey People!

This is the beginning of an amazing week.

My friend Veronica from Chile, and her boyfriend Matias came to Colombia for a visit; I met her when we were doing exchange in Denmark and we became friends there, we used to hang out a lot and all the exchange student in Fyn, the island where we lived, were like one family; I’m so happy to have them here, it feels so good to see her after 2 and a half years and to meet Matias.

They arrived early in the morning, and we came home to eat some breakfast, rest and talk for a while; in the afternoon we visited the zoo and took lots of photos; we were so close to an elephant, about just 2 meters away from it and there was only a small ditch separating us, not even a fence; and we were allowed to feed a hippopotamus, it was so so nice.

Tomorrow we are going to take a short trip and we will be away from the computer, internet, iPods, cellphones and everything, so I’ll be back in a couple of days.
Here you go with some of my favorite pictures from today.




Feel free to leave feedback, critiques or suggestions.

Hope you all are doing great.



Este es el inicio de una semana espectacular!

Mi amiga Verónica y su novio Matias, los dos de Chile vinieron a Colombia de visita; conocí a Vero cuando los dos estabamos d eintercambio en Dinamarca, nos hicimos buenos amigos y nos veíamos mucho, todos los de intercambio que viviamos en Fyn, una isla de Dinamarca eramos como una familia; estoy muy feliz de tenerlos aca y de volver a ver a Vero después de casi dos años y medio, y de conocer a Matias.

Llegaron muy temprano en la mañana y vinimos a la casa a desayunar, descansar y hablar un rato; en la tarde fuimos al zoologico, tomamos muchas fotos, estuvimos muy cerca de un elefante, mas o menos a dos metros, y lo único que nos separaba era una zanja pequeña, ni siquiera una cerca, además nos dejaron alimentar a un hipopótamo, fue muy chévere!

Mañana nos vamos a un pequeño viaje y vamos a estar lejos de los computadores, celulares, ipods, internet; así que en unos dias regreso con las fotos de cada día en el que no estuve.

Aca van unas de mis fotos favoritas de hoy.

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.




23 thoughts on “Day 147

  1. Wonderful angles and composition, color, etc. I love these animal photos. Have a nice holiday with your friends!

  2. Great pictures man (mostly the sunset and the lion). If I had one advice; take off that damn signature!

    Your pictures are really beautiful but this signature hides their potentials I think …

    1. Haha! Thanks Adil…
      I actually don’t like putting on the watermark, but as you wrote to me once on flickr, I should protect the photos, and I wouldn’t have done it if a newspaper from the city had not used one of my photos without my authorization and giving the credits to their photographers and not mentioning me anywhere… That’s why I use this watermark now.

  3. Hermoso registro dfe un dia estupendo en muy agradable compañia, me encanta la fotografia del detalle de la cebra y el pavo real. fabulosas!!!!!!!!!!

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