26 comments on “Day 143

  1. Pablis, que foto tan linda! mi mama es la mujer mas hermosa del universo entero! la amoo, pasen muy rico hoy!! los amo y los extraño muchisimo!

  2. She has extremely gorgeous eyes ! Like her scarf also🙂 Mutlu yıllar to her😀

    Have a nice day Pablo!

  3. Que ojos!!! Que vivan las Mamás! Feliz cumpleaños para ella y que Dios te la cuide por muchos años más!

  4. Gracias a Dios, esos ojos son lo primero que veo cuando me despierto todos los dias.!!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (suspiro!!!)

  5. What a classic beauty your mother is! I love the lace…just showing her lovely eyes! Your tribute to her is touching. She is a fortunate mother to have such a child.

  6. A specacular portrait.. She has amazing eyes and you’re done so well to capture her beauty.. The lighting is perfect..
    Happy Birthday to your mom and many more wonderful things ahead.

  7. Waouh ! You made an incredible portrait man! Seriously I love it. It became my favorite picture of you😀

  8. I saw this the other day on my phone when it came through my email, and thought then that it was wonderful – looking at it on my larger monitor, I have to change my thought to SPECTACULAR!

  9. Sin palabras…..fantastica fotografia, hermoso retrato de una modelo divina!!!!!!! EXCELENTE!!!!!!!!!

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