Day 120


I found this buch of small fruits hanging from a palm; I was curious about what kind of palm it was, after investigating a little bit I found that it was a canary island date palm.

They can grow until they are 30 meters high, their leaves can be 3 meters long and have about 80 leaflets on each side of the central rachis.

They are ornamental plants that can be planted anywhere in the world where the temperate is warm.  It can also be planted in cold areas, where the temperature goes down to -10ºC, but they will need an special care and protection.

Their fruits are oval, yellow and orange and they are about 2 cm long and 1 cm diameter and containing a single large seed; the fruit pulp is edible.

Before I finish this post, I would like to thank to Miranda Wieczorek and Spyder Creations Photography, who have given me an award for my blog.
I have really enjoyed watching your 365 Projects, and I’m grateful for all the feedback that you’ve given me in order to improve what I do. Keep up the great work.

Versatile Blogger Award

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Add the Versatile Award photo on a blog post

2. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.

3. Share 7 things about myself.

4. Pass the award along to 5 favorite bloggers.

5. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

STEP 3: Not easy to write a bit ab out me, but let’s give it a try.

#1.  I’m very commited with my job, sometimes even more than with my studies.

#2.I’m a big fan of going to the cinema, reading and listening to music.

#3.  Bike vs. Car? I’ll take a bike!

#4.  I love my family and I’m not ashame to say that I love spending time with them; actually, is one of the things I like the most.

#5.  I did exchange for one year in Denmark, and I miss my family and friends there, also I miss all my exchange student pals!

#6. I love traveling.

#7. I love eating fast food, I go out eating burguers or hot dogs at least once a week, but a couple of months ago, I started eating a bit healthier.

STEP 4: My nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award in no particular order are:

Lemony shots

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 44 mm, ISO 800; f/5,3 ; 1/50 s.

Feel free to leave feedback, critiques or suggestions.



Encontré este racimo de pequeños frutos colgando de una palmera, y me dió mucha curiosidad saber qué eran y de qué tipo de palmera provenían; después de investigar un rato, encontré que era de una palmera canaria.

Las palmeras canarias pueden crecer hasta alcanzar una altura de 30 metros y sus hojas alcanzan los 3 metros. Estas palmeras son ornamentales, se peuden plantar facilmente en cualquier parte que tenga una temperatura cálida, aunque con un cuidado especial y mayor protección pueden plantarse incluso en zonas donde la temperatura baja a -10ºC.

Sus frutos son amarillos y naranjas, ovalados, no superan los dos centímetros de largo y uno de ancho, además son comestibles.

Datos de la foto: Nikon D5000 ; Lente: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; 44 mm, ISO 800; f/5,3 ; 1/50 s.

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.




17 thoughts on “Day 120

  1. Pablis esta hermosa esta foto (y la palmera y sus frutos, ni se diga..)!!!
    Parecen uchuvas jeje, deberías probarlas, no mentira que tal sean venenosas jajajajaja
    Pero en serio están increíbles, adornos naturales que hacen este país tan lindo…

  2. Fabulous image, Pablo! The colors are gorgeous. Really nice composition with the bokeh, too.

    Thank you so much for the nomination for the award. I’m honored that you would recognize me in this way! I can’t wait to check out the others on your list, too!

    I enjoyed your list of 7 things. That’s so fantastic that you had the opportunity to spend a year in Denmark. I have always wanted to go there.

  3. Pablo!!!!!!!!!!
    This is absolutely stunning.. The composition, the color and that bokeh is absolutely scrumptious and enhances the photo..

    🙂 thank you for the award.. I promise to do better with “sharing” about me this time.. haha!! I’ve had a busy day today, so haven’t even posted my photo yet.. HUGS!!
    I loved reading your 7 things.

  4. Me encanta, que bonitos colores y como siempre genial el segundo plano. Felicitaciones por el premio, en verdad has hecho un excelente trabajo!

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