21 comments on “Day 116

  1. I attempted this type of shot this past summer, however there was too much light pollution in the location I chose, so I will be trying again this year. I hope mine turns out this well! These long night exposures are enchanting.

  2. Good job! I like how there is detail with lighting and yet still seeing the stars. Very cool. Thanks for visiting my blog. The lizard is a common garden lizard found in the Eastern United States. They are docile.

  3. Love it! I did a 60 min exposure a couple weeks ago to get start trails, and it would have come out better had I not forgotten to set ISO to 100 (vice 400). (1/focal length = max time without trails)

    Were you going to layer the photos to get the trails?

    • Yes Jeremy, I was going to do so, but as it got cloudy it wasn’t to come uot very well…
      Hope I’ll get a chance to have a clear sky and make the star trails shot successfully.

  4. Pero lograste hacer una buena toma con una iluminacion especial, alcanzo a ver a Orion (por lo menos el cinturon y la espada)bonita toma!!!

  5. i’ve been also thinking of a star trails shot…this is great! I love the colours and you have exposed it really really well!!..great work

  6. Wow, está fantástica! Se ve muy surreal, principalmente porque aunque el cielo está oscuro, los árboles del primer plano hacen dar la sensación de que todavía hubiera luz de día. Muy chévere ese efecto, y confuso también, jaja.

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