18 comments on “Day 115

  1. Great capture…your trespass was worth it…I might just increase exposure by half a stop to give it a bit more zing but perhaps this was how you saw it…just my opinion

  2. Esta si te quedó perfecta, que bello animal, hermosos colores y el fondo te quedó de pelicula!!!!!!!!!

  3. Whaou. I can Imagine this was hard to take this picture. Congratulation, I really like how the bird is separate from the background!

  4. Hola Pablo, de nuevo una hermosa imagen, me encanta los colores de las plumas y los ojos de esta ave, la proximidad a demostrar que hizo una gran imagen, al igual que el DOF, se muestran muy bien el enfoque en primer plano!
    un abrazo !

  5. The Motmot is about the coolest looking bird I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for the link in FB. I have a birding friend on FB who will love your birds! This one has been digging in the earth or leaves or something. His beak has dirt on it. Interesting. I have to find out what they eat. Thanks.

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