11 comments on “Day 112

  1. What a great subject, you ask for feedback so here I go, you can agree or not – dont mind!
    I think the beauty of the radio could be more enhanced if you step back a bit, perhaps even include some of its environment gently out of focus, (the white edging spoils it for me) then I would correct the verticals in PS under Filter/Distort/Lens correction.

  2. Pablo, as a lover of old things I think this photograph is great. And you are right, the details are what often give items their charm. You have inspired me to photograph an antique radio my father has at his house soon. Thanks.

  3. Este radio es una fantasía….yo tengo uno que era de mi abuela…un poco mas moderno pero igual…tarde o temprano su radio será un Philips, así reazaba la propaganda de la época…ah…y una cosa que me fascinaba de estos equipos ere el “ojo mágico” arriba a la izquierda en tu radio, que era el señalizador de sintonia y se ponia verde cuando se sintonizaba…que bella foto que hermosos recuerdos!!!!!!!!!!!

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