20 comments on “Day 110

  1. Nice composition and use of rule of thirds. The red bird really pops on the dark green background. Very nice!

  2. Nice composition! The colors are good too. I would have added some contrast and a little bit of sharpening too. Also there’s a little bit to much noise😛.

    I really enjoy your blog it’s nice to have someone who is doing the same project!

  3. The only red bird I have seen here is the cardinal. We see some yellow finches, blue jays and blue birds, but otherwise the birds are very brown, very gray and very black. I find myself envious of the color that surrounds you, Pablo, and of the way you capture the beauty of everything around you and present it to us. Thank you.

    • Thank you Cindy!
      It’s quite funny because here we have lost of different birds, this one looks pretty normal to me, because I’m used to see it, but I wish I could see more the cardinal, they can also be found in Colombia, and in this area, actually some days ago I sw one, but they are not as easy to find as this one🙂

    • Hey Denzil.
      I do not have any background in wildlife biology, but lately I’ve been very interested in nature, specially in what I can find in this area, so I’m going to different places to get to see new things and I read and ask about them.
      I’ve also loved your photos, they are amazing!

  4. Absolutely stunning!! I’m very impressed with your photography. The subject matter, cropping and composition are fabulous and the colours are so vibrant! You are very talented.

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