Day 104

Hi Everybody!

I’m still sick and the weather is not very nice today; it’s been quite rainy and a bit windy, so if I wanna get better some day, I can’t go outside today.

I stayed at home, and decided to do something with water drops; my intention from the begining was getting a crown, but as I was alone and there was noone who could help me to focus the drops, it was gonna be a hard task.

I shot for almost two hours, got some good pictures but the crowns I had gotten weren’t as good as I wanted; at the end, I got a few crowns that I liked and came to the computer to see how they looked like.

After getting all the kitchen wet and shooting over 800 photos, there had to be at least one crown that I liked, and indeed, there were four.

This one is the one I liked the most because of its colors, the small bokeh and the black lines that are actualy the reflection of the crown. Using photoshop I bumped up a little bit the contrast so it looked more dramatic.

Exif Data:Nikon D5000 ; Lens: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; with a close-up lens; 28 mm, ISO 125; f/4,5 ;1/60 s; flash: fired

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Hola a todos!

Todavía estoy un poco enfermo y el clima no ayuda, está lloviendo y el día está oscuro, así que si quiero mejorarme pronto no puedo salir hoy; por eso decidí quedarme en la casa y hacer algunas fotos con agua.

Desde el principio, mi intención era conseguir una corona, pero como estaba solo sabía que iba a ser un trabajo dificil, pues no tenía alguien que me ayudara a enfocar la gota.

Tomé fotos por casi dos horas, alsunas salieron bien, otras no, pero las coronas que salían no eran lo suficiente buenas para mi; al final logré captar otras y vine al computador a mirar como se veían.

En más de 800 fotos que tomé, al menos una tenía que gustarme; borré muchas, otras las guardé, pero sólo 4 coronas me gustaron.

Esta que ven aca, es la que más me gustó por sus colores, bokeh y las lineas negras, que son el reflejo de la corona. Usando photoshop le subí un poco el contraste para hacerla algo más dramática.

Datos de la foto: Nikon D5000 ; Lente: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; con close-up; 28 mm, ISO 125; f/4,5 ;1/60 s; flash: encendido.

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16 thoughts on “Day 104

  1. I keep telling myself that I am going to try this as well – and I will probably 800 photos as well! You did an excellent job with this – you are right about the color and the bokeh, but there is a dreamy quality to it as well that speaks to me.

  2. This is pretty awesome! I can’t ever imagine the patience or the skill to capture such a picture…but after your post, I might try. It’s pretty darn close to a crown. I’m so impressed!

  3. Very cool shot, Pablo! I love the bokeh, but also the tiny points of clarity and the wonderful luminous glow of the crown. I am so impressed with your determination and discipline, too! Isn’t it great to have an idea in mind and then keep going for it until you get it?! Very inspiring!

  4. I did a splatter shot once with milk and juice to add colour and my kitchen was a terrible mess, but worth it…have been meaning to do a waterdrop shot. Its beautiful and simple, and yet, a hard shot to get…great work!

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