Day 102

Hi Everybody!

This little friend is what I got today, I went out to look for some flowers, and while I was looking at this leaf, thinking about composing something using its holes, this insect jumped on it, so I attached the close-up lens to the camera and started shooting.

The only thing I could find is that this little animal is a cricket, is known as the “7 colors cricket”, is very small, I think it wasn’t longer than 2 cm, and it ain’t an easy animal to see.

He didn’t stay there for longer than one minute, but I did enjoy looking at all the details and colors, that are actually changing depending on the angle of the viewer.

Exif Data: Nikon D5000 ; Lens:  Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; with a close-up lens; 35 mm, ISO 360; f/5,6 ; 1/125 s.

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Hola a todos!

Mientras buscaba unas flores y miraba qué podía componer a través de los huecos de una hoja, éste animal saltó y se posó sobre élla, así que puse el close-up en el lente y empecé a hacer algunas tomas.

Lo único que pude averiguar es que se le conoce como el grillo de los 7 colores, es dificil de encontrar, es muy pequeño, pienso que no medía más de 2 centímetros, y no es un animal que se pueda ver facil.

No se quedó más de un minuto, pero en ese tiempo disfruté mucho los detalles que tiene en su cuerpo y sus diferentes colores, que van cambiando dependiendo del ángulo que se le mire.

Datos de la foto: Nikon D5000 ; Lente: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55; con close-up; 35 mm, ISO 360; f/5,6 ; 1/125 s.

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13 thoughts on “Day 102

  1. Great color here, all 7 coming through so vividly 🙂 . I blew this up to see all the details. It’s always so fun to happen upon a creature like this. I love the blue stripes on this head. Do you have a crop tool that would allow you to partially rotate this so that the cricket is on a diagonal in the image?

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, I have one and actually I used it before posting because I thought I could get something more interesting, but somehow it didn’t look really good.
      I like this kind of pictures more when the main subject is on a diagonal… but this one was the excepion 😉

  2. Your posts remind me that I should be taking more time and putting more thought into my photographs, but I often find myself running around and snapping randomly. Nice way to get in so close for the details and thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thank you!
      Well, sometimes is not that easy to take time to write more about the pictures; i really enjoy reading some information before I write, but there are some days in which is quite difficult 🙂

  3. Que increíble el nivel de definición, y todos los colore y detalles que tiene el grillo. Tus tomas de animales son fantásticas!

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