13 comments on “Day 102

  1. Great color here, all 7 coming through so vividly🙂 . I blew this up to see all the details. It’s always so fun to happen upon a creature like this. I love the blue stripes on this head. Do you have a crop tool that would allow you to partially rotate this so that the cricket is on a diagonal in the image?

    • Thank you!
      Yeah, I have one and actually I used it before posting because I thought I could get something more interesting, but somehow it didn’t look really good.
      I like this kind of pictures more when the main subject is on a diagonal… but this one was the excepion😉

  2. Your posts remind me that I should be taking more time and putting more thought into my photographs, but I often find myself running around and snapping randomly. Nice way to get in so close for the details and thanks for the reminder!

    • Thank you!
      Well, sometimes is not that easy to take time to write more about the pictures; i really enjoy reading some information before I write, but there are some days in which is quite difficult🙂

  3. Que increíble el nivel de definición, y todos los colore y detalles que tiene el grillo. Tus tomas de animales son fantásticas!

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