11 comments on “Day 96

  1. This is just such a simple, elegant, beautiful photo..

    I happen to love waterdrops, so was very excited to see this was your photo of the day when I came to “check out” your blog…
    Thanks for your coments

  2. This is lovely, Pablo! The textures and colors are so vibrant. Did you experiment with different angles with this shot or consider cropping it in different ways? Part of me is wondering what the effect might be to rotate the image… (This is something I’ve been doing with my own macro-work today, and so now it’s making me curious when I look at someone else’s, too!)

  3. Thank you!
    I shot so many times with different angles, but this one is wthe one I liked the most!
    And I just tried to rotate and let me tell you that I liked it more than this one, it looks more interesting to me and the bokeh is more noticeable, so I think I’m gonna rotate it on the blog too!
    Thanks for the idea!!🙂

    • Pablo, the rotation really brings out the bokeh, like you said, and the alignment of the colors now draws in the viewer even more. The composition is even MORE successful from this angle. Love it!

  4. Delicada, elegante, de colores impresionantes… Simplemente bella, mi querido Pablo. Por cierto, escribes bien ¿no se te ha ocurrido escribir pequeños cuentos, historias, etc. que acompañen a las fotos?

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