Day 91

Hi Everybody!

Today I went back to San José -the gothic church that you have already seen- because my friends wanted to get to know it in the inside, see the details of the gothic architecture and look at the city from the terraces, that actually looks pretty much the same as from here.

I never get tired of going there because there are lots of details and things to look at, and they can be composed in so many ways and get different angles in order to make good pictures.

Why did I choose this picture?

The reason is simple, because the colors in the stained-glass are very vivid; I got them by shooting 5 times with different exposures, completely hand-held, i didn’t have any tripod to support the camera; then I merged them in photomatix and used tone-mapped to enhance the details of the architecture.

Feel free to leave feedback, critiques or suggestions.


Hola a todos!

Hoy regresé a San José, la iglesia que ya han visto en ocasiones anteriores; volví porque mis amigas querían conocer el interior de la iglesia, ver sus detalles y mirar la ciudad desde sus terrazas,q ue en verdad se ve casi igual que aca.

Nunca me canso de ir alla porque cada vez encuentro más elementos interesantes, detalles y una variedad gigante de ángulos que hacen que saque fotos diferentes.

¿Por qué elegí esta foto para hoy?

La respuesta es simple, los colores de los vitrales salieron muy vivos y eso me gusta; los conseguí tomando 5 fotos de la misma parte, con diferentes exposiciones y completamente a mano, no tenía ningún trípode para sostener la cámara; luego las fusioné con photomatix y le hice un tone-mapped para resaltar los detalles arquitectónicos.

Críticas, comentarios y/o sugerencias son bienvenidas.


Now I just wanna take thank to my friends, who have given me such great holidays, these 3 girls from Belgium have been in Pereira and we have been going to some places so they can see different things, thank you Isabelle, Goedele and Hannelore for these days we spent together and all the laughs! I’m gonna miss you girls!



3 thoughts on “Day 91

  1. Has hecho un encuadre magnífico, Pablo, con una luz y una definición extraordinarias. La verdad, esta tarea diaria de visitar tu blog es un auténtico placer.

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