7 comments on “Day 90. Three Months!

  1. All you need is for it to be run into by an ice truck and you’ve got the most amazing smoothie!
    nice pic

    (Today I will be mainly keeping myself busy by posting comments on other blogs that include the word ‘banana’ – us banana mentioning blogs must stick together!!)

  2. Det tænkte jeg også over i Venezuela, alle de gadehandlere. Det er meget fedt, men tvivler de ville have succes i Danmark… Et billede hvor fremtrædende farver på et sort/hvid virker godt!
    Og tillykkee med de tre måneder, det sejt!

  3. It is very expensive to feed our families healthy foods here – I would love to have the opportunity to get fruit that fresh every day!
    I love how you spotlighted those beautiful colors!

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