8 comments on “Day 79

  1. Jajajajaja paaaablisss que pie-grande eres!!!
    Mentira yo lo veo así porque mi pie es de pulga también…
    Esta súuper!!!
    A mi las spartes que me parecen más feas, son los codos!!! Son cómo un viejito feo, malgeniado y con en el ceño fruncido de por vida! jajajja

  2. Nååårh Pabloo, hvor er det sødt! Jeg er sikker på, at du bliver en rigtig god far en dag!
    Og lidt sjovt, at din ene fod, m̴ler det samme som hendes to lagt sammen Рcirka :b!

  3. Wow! When I first saw this pic, Pablo, I thought it was your cousin’s hand. It took me several viewings before I realized it was actually HER foot too. I like your quote:
    Taking a photo of her is kind of impossible mission, because as soon as she sees that someone wants to take a photo of her, she turns her head in the opposite way of the camera; no matter if you are far away and use a telephoto lens, she realizes there is someone who is shooting a photo and she starts running so she doesn’t get her picture taken.

    That’s exactly how I feel. Being a photographer I don’t like having my photo taken either. I like how you were able to convince her to get some shots of her. Good for you.


  4. Que buena toma de pies! no se me había ocurrido algo así en mi colección, jajaja! y la historia… a quien no le pasa!

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